Saturday, May 2, 2009

N is for Nature~

Today was a perfect day for looking at Nature!
And...Nature begins with the letter N~

We were trying to catch a glimpse of the turtle that lives
in our drainage hole out back today but he is shy
and never lets me get his pic.
But while we were looking at the turtle hole Hayden noticed
a grasshopper swimming for his life in the turtle hole.
So we saved him from an untimely death and in return
he gave us some photo ops with him as a THANKS! hee hee
Hayden calls them 'HOPPERS'
(he loves the movie Bugs Life)
'Lyza just wanted to know if he would bite her,
then she was intrigued when I told her he wouldnt~
He was a 'lucky' hopper that was for sure!
Bye Bye Hopper~
(Can you see him)
The Dogwood is blooming in our backyard~
Its blossoms are pretty in the sunlight too~
Now this picture turned out a little freaky~
Arent wasps just freaky looking?
I mean this pic gives me the heebeegeebees! hee
But I couldnt help but taking a pic of this WASP on the swingset~
(Note: they dont ever bother us... they just fly around us and move on
If you just ignore them they will leave eventually
dont bother them- they wont bother you is my motto...)
The first Rose bloom on the rose bush~
Just Beautiful~
Hello little Carpenter Bee~ The kids love to get fallen branches from our willow tree
and pretend to use them as fishing poles and fish out back~
It really is creative imaginary fun if ya ask me!
Just a dandelion~
This picture is soo perfect...
she was just lying there looking up at the sky~
Wonder what she was thinking about!

Somer Jane

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