Sunday, May 24, 2009

My ONCE Yearly Vacation!!

I just got back from my YEARLY escape from my real life vacation!
My mother and I have a once yearly tradition of taking a trip
together to someplace we have never been before.
Its a wonderful experience for both of us and a bonding week
full of memories as well~

I normally do not BLOG about myself on this blog...
I try to keep it about my adventures with the kiddos
and their little lives... but since I really had no pics of them to
blog about in the past two weeks I figured it wouldnt hurt
to just blog about what I have done in this time frame~
I took some ME time! ;-)

Our vacation this year was to the New England Area
and great state of MASSACHUSETTS!
We visited Salem, MA and learned all about the history
of the witch trials thats known famous for around the world.
We even had some fun becoming witches ourselves while visiting Salem!

We visited a town on the Cape called Provincetown, MA
where we took a whale watching tour and
can I just say~

They were all over the place and soo close to the boat, it was breathtaking!

I took probably 50 shots of these magnificent creatures of the sea~
this adventure was truly worth taking!

Having a moment on the whale watching tour boat

Provincetown is the actual very first place the pilgrims landed
in America, not Plymouth Rock but the pilgrims only stayed for 6 weeks
and then left the Cape to the mainland.
They built the Pilgrim monument in their honor in P-Town
and I had the pleasure of climbing to the top of this
record-breaking granite structure below!
What a view from the top~

We visited the island of Marthas Vineyard while in the Cape Cod area~
This is Gay Head cliffs ~
At the boat docks modeling our Cape Cod hoodies
While we visited Boston we traveled by subway!
This was the first time for both of us ever to ride a subway
but I just had to try it out while in a big city!!
When you learn how to read the maps it wasnt so bad~
My mom was really interested in this Duck tour in Boston,
my grandma Pat had mentioned it was something fun to do as well...
So we took our first amphibious vehicle tour which was trippy!
One minute your driving on the road down the street and the next
your in the water sailing down the river! hee

Also while in Boston I had to try the CLAM CHOWDAH!!
Not something I would usually order, but
hey when in ROME!!!
It was actually VERY delicious and I ate the whole bowl!!!
Mmmmm, those clams arent soo bad!
Of course we ate at the Famous CHEERS in Boston as well!
They didnt know my name though!
hmmmm ;-P

We saw many amazing things and ate some New England
specialitys as well. Our week went by fast but it was FILLED!
I took over 300 pictures of the trip and now I have the great task to try to
make some sort of scrapbook out of them! Hmmm

Cant wait to see where we journey too next year~

"Till next year I suppose"!

Somer Jane


Christina said...

That's such a great tradition you and your mom have:)

Katie said...

It was so nice to see you on here too! You should try to make it back on before next year's once yearly vaca for sure!

You're brave trying out the subway!