Sunday, May 31, 2009


Soo Hayden and mommy bought our first tent today...
(Hayden has been begging mommy to take him camping and
Wally-world had a great deal on this tent soo we couldnt pass up
a fun opportunity!!)

Thank-goodness we decided to do this before the heat of
summer really hits, since the humidity here in the south is no joke!
Ok so are camping but decided to have PIZZA delivery! ha
(Or car pizza as Hayden calls it)
Mmmm camping and PIZZA the best!!
Inside their new tent!
Playing with the flashlights inside the tent~
Ok soo this is really ROUGHING IT!!!
(hee This is camping of the FUTURE~)
The last two camping survivors in the early dawn morning hours
Man the outdoors does wonders for beauty, eh!
How is it that Hayden looks so refreshed and handsome
and I'm all puffy eyed?! ha ha
Till our next adventure!!

Somer Jane

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