Monday, May 4, 2009

Kids just love Playdoh!

Did you know that Play-Doh was invented by a young
guy named, Joe McVicker for the purpose of cleaning wallpaper?!
Yes, supposedly his preschool sister was complaining about
the modeling clay her class was using and he offered some non-toxic
samples of the modeling compound he created and wall-la
Play-Doh was born!
(that Joe guy went on to be a millionaire before he was 27!
Now why couldnt I think of something like that?! ha ha)
Anywho, my kids love the stuff...
I'm pretty sure MOST kids do!
Only parents have the problem with letting their kiddos play with it! ha
My mom was one of them!!
I dont recall having play-doh much as a child and boy I loved getting to
play with it over friends or cousins houses!
I guess since my childhood was play-doh free for the most part,
I want my kiddos to enjoy this fun invention thats been
going strong for over 50 years now!
I just keep the kiddos contained to the kitchen table
and keep my eyes on them~ no one gets hurt and the carpets
and furniture stay safe!! hee hee

Hayden begs every other day to play with the stuff~

'Lyza isnt as obsessed with the Play-Doh yet but she likes
doing whatever Hayden is doing!

A giraffe~
Doesnt this little guy below look cute!!
I think I may have to search EBAY for this as a
Christmas present since it will be here before we know it~

Just click on commercial at this link to watch the Coco-Nutty Monkey in action,

Somer Jane

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