Saturday, April 4, 2009

RiverView Mounds Farm Egg Hunt~

Hayden and I decided to have a little Mommy and son alone time
together, so while baby sister was taking a nap we left Daddy and her at home to go to RiverView Mounds Farm for some EASTER afternoon fun!
Follow the signs to the EGG Hunt!!
The entrance to River View Mounds Farm from the Parking area~
Today was sponsored by WayFM Christian radio
and Grace Community Church...and everything was awesome guys!!
Thanks so much for doing this for the community!
Hayden wanted to climb the mountain slide first thing!!
I wish I had of went down... it looked like FUN!

The place was packed with families on this beautiful afternoon!
Hayden loves this 'Black Hole' tunnel slide~
It had just rained the day before so it was little muddy~
but ALL the more fun right!!
The Egg Hunt!
Hayden is having fun finding candy&sticker treasures!

Wow, Hayden your a good Egg Hunter!
Hayden the GOAT!
Hayden the Scarecrow!

He loves feeding the farm animals at RiverView Mounds~

He would be a great Farm hand...I will have to ask if they are hiring! hee
The Farm got new baby chicks as residents...the kids loved it!They were all soo different looking and cute!
I dont think they eat straw, Hayden!
Playing with the tractors
This Farm is every little boys dream....
it even has a huge sandbox to dig around in!
What lil' boy doesnt love to dig in the sand with DIGGERS and shovels?
A carnival game that the church sponsored~
Hayden actually got some in the hole- Good job!
His reward was picking out two candys....
the decision was soo hard!!
Way FM had a raffle spin for prizes!
And the prize he won is?.....

He won a whistle!!
He was soo excited he whistled it all the way home!
Thanks to the WAY FM Christian Radio and Grace Community Church
for providing such a blessed 'FREE' day for families to enjoy on the farm!
Thanks also to the coolest Farm around~ RiverView Mounds Century Farm!
If you want a day filled with 'FARM' fun for your family take them to the best farm:

They can keep you entertained all day for only $6.00
and they have a concession stand where you can eat lunch or an
early dinner picnic if you get hungry as well!!
My kids love RiverView Mounds and the owners are genuine people!
(I suggest you take a visit while they are still open now till May 2nd for SpringFest)

Somer Jane

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Scarlett Mulligan said...

SomerJane - you are simply the best!! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such a positive review! The funny thing is, "Better Together" is a VERY special song to us! How funny that it started playing as we were enjoying your photos of sweet Hayden . . . the tears welled up in my eyes. Again, thank you!
Scarlett, Chris, Miles & Harloew