Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter~ Easter Bunny!!

I have soo many back Posts I need to catch up on but in the mean time
these pics were too cute not to post today before the old ones get caught up~
We saw the EASTER bunny today!

The kids were soo excited to tell the Easter bunny what they wanted
from him and it was cute watching the Easter Bunny Mime to the kids~
I had to DRAG my kids away or no one else would have had a pic with the Easter Bunny!
They just wanted to hang out with the Easter bunny all day I guess~ hee hee
I love these Childhood moments of my kids!

In the pic below the Easter bunny was playing
Peek-A-Boo with them~
'Lyza thought it was hilarious and Hayden I think is trying to play COOL!

I'm amazed they both smiled with the Easter Bunny! This pic ROCKS!

Happy Easter Everyone!
Hope its blessed~
Somer Jane

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Katie said...

I am so looking forward to sweet pictures like this with the Easter bunny! Mine is very afraid right now so we didn't even attempt. Poor thing began trembling when she saw him from way across the egg hunt field!