Sunday, April 26, 2009

Homemade Popsicles are Yummy~

We made some homemade popsicles this morning
and the kids couldnt wait till this afternoon when they
finally froze and were ready to eat~
I had a lick and they were pretty sweet and perfect
for this warm spring day~

Hayden loves popsicle season!

Funny thing, right after we got our popsicles the ice cream truck goes by playing its little ice cream truck luring song for the first time this season... and I had to tell the poor kiddos they couldnt have any ice cream since we just got popsicles! Next time on the ice cream truck guys!

Want a Popsicle?! ;-)

Somer Jane


Katie said...

Yes! I sooo do! I just bought some popsicle makers and we're going to try making them for the first time this summer.

Michelle said...

They look do you make yours??