Thursday, April 30, 2009

Homemade Bird Feeders~

Since we are unable to play outside today
due to the April Showers~
I decided to make this neat and EASY bird feeder
with the children that I saw online.
The kids were excited when I said these bird feeders would bring
even more birds to our yard to watch!
(We love to Bird WATCH!)
The items needed are simple really:
Just need an empty milk jug or 2 lt bottle (rinsed out)
Some craft paint nontoxic
brushes & stencils
and some clear weather paint sealer
I let the kiddos pick the colors they each wanted to paint
their bird feeder and let them go at it~
Hayden really loves to paints things so
he really enjoyed this project!
He's stenciling a butterfly to his bird feeder~
'Lyza Jane stenciled a hummingbird to hers~
After they are done painting and the bird feeder is dry
I sprayed a clear coat of sealer since it would be
outside in the elements~
After the sealer dried Hayden filled up his bird feeder
with some morning song bird feed year round mix~
'Lyza Jane did so as well~

Hayden then helped me hang up the bird feeders outside
in our backyard when the rain let up for minute~
They are both excited to watch the birds come and eat
from their bird feeders~
Now we just have to patiently wait for the pretty birds to
notice our yummy present for them...
Ooohh we have a visitor!
This lil' guy likes the sunflower seeds best~
we watch as he digs through the feeder for the black
sunflower seeds and then sits on top of the welcome sign
cracking the sunflower seeds open to eat.
Our lovey dovey bluebirds~
We call this the Mommy Red bird eating from
'Lyza Janes pink feeder below~
You can tell she is a girl birdy since
she prefers the PINK feeder! hee hee
Here is the Daddy Red bird that stays with Mommy Red bird~
This is Haydens favorite bird I think so far~

Sooo we have been enjoying the bird feeders so much,
we are deciding to make some for the grandmothers for Mothers Day!
They both like bird watching as well, so this should be a hit present~

Gotta go now, time to watch the birds eat lunch! ;-)
Somer Jane


Holly@MotherIsNotConcerned said...

These turned out great! We were going to do this soon--now I'm looking forward to it even more after reading this post.

Michelle said...

These came out really amazing...I need one for my yard. I will have to get Emily working on it!! Thanks for the great idea :0)

jennwa said...

Those are great feeders. They are so pretty

Thanks for sharing with Friday Showcase!!!