Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bird Nest Cookies~

I was wanting to do these cookies around Easter but never
got around to it, but figured it was still a cute SPRING recipe since
we love bird watching in our back yard!
Plus its really simple and no baking required!!
Here are the ingredients you can use:
'Lyza Jane loved helping put the baby bird eggs (jelly beans)
on the nests as mommy made them.
She did a good job too...one for her and one for the nest...
one for her and another for the nest... hee
Hayden loved EATING the bird nest eggs~
I thought they turned out really cute-
and they tasted yummy too!
(as Emeril would say)

The recipe has many variations to it but this is the
one I mostly went by...I omitted the peanut butter this time though~
Bird Nest Cookies
This is a super kid-friendly and kid taste-approved recipe!
Have fun making some bird nests~
Somer Jane

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