Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine Bingo Game~

I found this game off another cool moms blog that she found in a magazine...
I thought it was cute and could be used every year ~
(as long as we had stock of conversation hearts! hee)
But, the kids are still a little young and need help playing but in a few years
Im sure this game will be a Valentine tradition for my family!

The cards were easy to make and laminate
Hayden thumbs up & throwing the hawaii 'SHAKA' sign
while playing Valentine Bingo...
'Lyza Jane loved cheating and just adding hearts to her board
when we werent looking...ha ha

The BINGO game was easy to make and
it should keep for years & years...hopefully!
I made a box of BINGO CALLS that match the bingo card boxes exactly,
and that BINGO CALL box can never be eaten or else
the game would not work right of course...
We have seperate EXTRA conversation hearts that we use as covers
on the bingo cards that CAN be eaten~
(My kids were running out of COVERS for their game board
toward the end, they ate too many hearts!)
I, of course had to help them this year find their
bingos but they still enjoyed the game...
well at least eating the hearts while playing I think!! ha ha
But this was still a cute and easy game to create
and I really think it will be fun to get it out and play every year in February!
Anyone want to play some BINGO come on over!!
Somer Jane

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Heather said...

You did a good job on these...they came out great. I should have made some, next year!