Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Angels among us~

This blog post is just a cheery note that I had to share with the world!
Everyone should really learn from this and always remember to
"Pay it Forward"!
Meaning no matter how busy you are or caught up with your
own problems in life dont forget to make someone elses day a
little better, it will most likely make your day better by
making someone else smile!
Well, today at the grocery store someone made me smile!!

A very nice bagger (Mr. Jimmy that bags the grocerys)
made my day with his kindness.
Mr Jimmy always greets us (the kids and I) and always asks us
how we are doing and if we havent been to the store in awhile
he asks us what weve been up too lately.
He is a very nice man and hes always smiling and calling the kids ~
"Hey Lil Buddies~ how are you?"
Mr Jimmy has a disability though. He really only has use
of one of his arms... Im not sure the name of his condition but he has one arm and one leg that are slightly paralyzed which makes it
hard for him to walk straight or use both hands.
Regardless of his set back he was dealt with in life he is always smiling when we see him and he always asks if I need help out to my car with
the grocerys which I think is amazing he even asks!
(of course I always say No thank-you, but thanks anyway)
Well on this particular day the kids were acting their usual 'MAD' crazy selfs
and mommy was just trying to get out of the store and HOME!
Im sure anyone could see my stress as I was ripping candy and chapsticks
from my sons octopus hands at the checkout that he
was trying to get mommy to purchase... crazy I know! ha ha
Well the next thing I know Mr Jimmy was handing me a beautiful
bouquet of spring flowers!!
I was shocked and said, 'Ahhhh what are these?"
And Mr Jimmy just said "because"
I could only say THANK-YOU and WOW how sweet this gesture was!
But among all the cashiers looking and my crazy children acting up~
it meant alot more to me and it made me smile...
it also made me remember how life is full of special people
(ANGELS among Us)
they do care and SEE when we need a pick-me-up!
These flowers did just that on that day and I felt I had to share this
token of kindness with the world!

Maybe we all need to be more like the "Mr Jimmys" of this Universe
and spread smiles to others that are in need of a little SMILE!
Soooo go spread a smile today!

Somer Jane

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Christina said...

Great post! Sometimes the littlest things can mean SO much! I hope you'll follow up with a post about how you get to 'pay it forward'!