Friday, February 20, 2009

Letter V is for VOLCANO~

We learned about a cool word that starts with 'V' this week~
We watched a real volcano erupt online and then we
made this cool volcano of our own~
To create your own volcano you will need some vinegar, baking soda,
a measuring cup, a cup or tube, a cake pan and some alum foil!
Here is the tube (an empty bubble wand container) we used
for the volcanos tube chamber.
We covered the green tube with alum foil to make the mountain
look of the volcano and set it back in the foil cake pan~
We then put some teaspoons of baking soda inside the
volcanos tube along with some red food coloring drops.
Next Hayden and Elyza took turns pouring the vinegar into the
tube and "BAM"....a volcano ERUPTION!!!
They kept wanting to make more and more volcano eruptions!


Have to admit it was a cool learning activity about
Volcanos and the letter V!
The kiddos enjoyed it~

Somer Jane