Saturday, February 28, 2009

Say Hello to our new pet?!


At dinner my son Hayden turns to me and says, "Mommy what is that"?!
I say, "Its probably our cat outside Hayden"!
He says, "Ahh No Mom its something else out there"!
Soo to satisfy my sons curiosity I turn the back deck light on KNOWING
it would be our outside cat~ 'Outlaw' in the darkness.
Ummm it wasnt our cat! ha ha

It was our new friend ~ "POCCUM"
Soo both my kids and the hubby all stare outside the
back deck window at our new guest who we name~ POCCUM
until our lil friend decides he has seen enough and goes back
where he came from.
The story behind the name POCCUM is from Lyza Jane actually.
She has had this stuffed opossum her grandmother bought her at
Cracker Barrel last year on a lunch date.
Well ever since then our little PRINCESS has to sleep with her
opossum in bed at night...funny I know!
She couldnt say OPOSSUM though when she first got it...
so she said 'POCCUM' instead!
Soooo her stuffed love has been named 'POCCUM' to this day.
(Well she was ever soo excited to see a REAL POCCUM on
the back deck tonight)
hee hee ;-)

Somer Jane

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