Monday, February 9, 2009

Christmas from Aunt Randi & Aunt Tommi~

We received a package in the mail from our
Aunt Tommi and Randi today~ (Christmas in February!)
It was a COOL surprise and everyone was excited to see
what was in the box!!
("Whats in the box...Whats in the box!!" hee)
So heres what was in the box~
two Cool Microphones, a stuffed puppy dog...
A neat RACING jacket for Hayden
A pretty PINK princess hoodie for 'Lyza Jane
MMmmm candy lollipops~
called the "Mad Hatter" whoa!!
'Lyza Jane got two pairs of precious TINKERBELL pajamas

I want to give a shout-out 'THANK-YOU"
to my lil sisters Randi and Kelli A.K.A.~
"Aunt Randi & Aunt Tommi"
for sending this colossal box filled with presents!
All the candy peeps, M&Ms, coloring books and toys
were really too much...but the kids sure did LOVE IT ALL!!
You two spoiled them to much...
I'm sure your their favorite AUNTS for LIFE! hee hee
Thanks baby sisters for my awesome gifts as well!
I love the candle, home sprays & bath & body wash~
You guys know I love all that Yankee Candle, CG Bigelow
and Bath and Body products~ Thanks for all the goodies!
I loved my present, thanks for thinking about me~
Merry Christmas in FEBRUARY you two!
Somer Jane

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