Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Calgon Moments for MOMMYS~

Calgon sometimes can not even~ BEGIN to take me away!!
ha ha
I have this little demon...I mean fairy princess daughter...
and she likes to drive mommy crazy!!
She is in that so called~"Terrible 2's" stage
(which also lasts through their 3's & slows down in their 4's)
but nevertheless she is going through that~
The one where the child drives their parent to the funny farm,
drops them off and laughs to themselves all the way home, saying~
"I drove my mommy crazy...whooo hooo!"
Soo this is my life, welcome to my world!!
Please~ if you have any valium leave some by the door
on your way out so that I can add that with my Calgon
and hopefully combined that will take me SOMEPLACE dreamy!
ha ha ha
(Just kidding...I dont do drugs kids)
Just say NO!
Well, let me begin my story of todays fiasco!
I was trying to scrub a bathroom while I thought
my perfect lil' angels were playing with their toys like perfect lil' angels
should while mommy trys to knock out a chore...
I swear I was only scrubbing for 5 mins and I stop to check on them
and BAMMM!!
I walk into my kitchen to witness my daughter amongest the
explosion of cookie sprinkles...
it was like a bomb went off in my kitchen with the chocolate
sprinkles as the shrapnel~

A brand new chocolate sprinkles bottle had been
demolished and no sprinkle was left ALIVE!!
I was such at a loss of words
that my daughter knew to take off
running to her bedroom for time-out without me even saying soo!

I swear that child left no space of my kitchen floor spared
from the cookie sprinkles!!

I was cleaning counters and sweeping
cookie sprinkles for a good 5 mins when I decided I
better see if she was indeed doing her time-out like she was supposed too~
so I went to check on her in her room...


She had double whammied me!!
She had taken every article of her clothing out of her dresser
drawers and thrown them on her floor
in a defiant act of delinquency...

AAAAGHHH, what have I done to the GODS
to deserve this punishment!

Soo I made the lil' demon (I mean fairy princess)
pick up her own MESS...

Can you see the RED demon EYES that she is
glaring me down with?!
Sooo how was your day?!!

Somer Jane

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas with 'Rannie~

Soo grandma 'Rannie came over to our
house to celebrate a late Christmas...
I kinda like stretching out Christmas like this!
Hmm, maybe we should start a tradition of celebrating with
each family member on different days!
(makes things more special and not soo rushed in my opinion)
Anywho, the kids loved having some time to
play with grandma a.k.a.~ 'Rannie!

'Lyza Jane got a Dora & Pegusus horse...oohhh!
Hayden got some NEW 'CARS' from the pixar movie
he didnt have yet...cool!

'Lyza Jane got Barbie Ariel and Barbie Sleeping Beauty

'Bill Doctor' got Hayden a cool car blocks set~

Oohhh mommy got some new pots & pans
Maybe I can cook up some NEW yummy dishes
even better
than Rachel Ray with these! ha ha

Thank-you 'Rannie for spending the day with us
and all the wonderful Christmas gifts!!
We love you soo much~
Somer Jane

Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Birthday HAYDEN!!!

So my baby boy is GROWING UP!!
He turned 5 yrs old today...the day after Christmas.
I remember waiting for his grand arrival 5 yrs ago
all day enduring the labor pains till I went to the
hospital when Brad got home from work for some epidural relief!! ha
Gosh, how time flies...
Happy Birthday my baby-boy!!

He loves the horn blowers...he had to have them for his birthday!

Chuck E and Hayden

'Lyza Jane liked the toddler area and this slide

Riding the carosel at Chucks House

Daddy getting a hug from 'Lyza Jane

THE Birthday BOY!



He had to have a cupcake with the ROCKS on it...yum!

These cupcakes were REALLY good!!!


Opening some birthday presents....ohhh boy!

Thank-you My-Hope for the fire trucks!

Are they not the most adorable lil' things you
have ever laid your eyes on!!
My lil' STINKERS!!

Happy Birthday my 5 yr old Boy!!
I cant believe you will start Kindergarten this year...
sniff sniff
I'm soo proud to be your mommy Hayden!
Dont ever forget just how much I love you baby boy,
even if you drive me crazy at times! hee hee ;-)
Somer Jane

Haydens Birthday Bath~

Soo we got out this morning into the after Christmas sales
going on...I know I was brave with two kids to fight the madness!
They actually surprised me and were really good at the store...
but then again I had to buy them something to keep them happy! ha
Soo Hayden knowing today was his birthday used that to
his advantage and asked if I would buy him this
Spiderman Bathtub set for his birthday...being the push-over Mom...
I caved in.... only for his BIRTHDAY of course!!
(Plus it was 1/2 off from Christmas so a $5 bath toy
was not gonna break us but only make a little boy extremely happy)

It was like a little bath chemistry set with bath fizzes
and came with the goggles on his head as well!! ha

He thought it was the coolest thing...
and I was glad to make him smile!

While big brother had his bathtime fun
'Lyza Jane had her fun playing with her Christmas toys

She is really loving the whole dressing up as a PRINCESS now...

Happy 5th Birthday Hayden!!

Hope your day is very special~

Love Mommy

Somer Jane

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Lunch at Grandma My-Hopes~

Our Christmas dinner was at My-Hopes at 1pm
and it was very yummy too!
The kids were spoiled of course by their grandma My-Hope
with all the presents as well...too spoiled!
It was a fun afternoon spending time with our
special My-Hope on Christmas day~
Hayden got this AWESOME dinosaur named SPIKE!

It lights up, walks, growls, picks up a bone and even BURPS! ha ha
Saying thank-you to grandma for all the cool presents!
It is a CARS pez dispenser...not that expensive but you'd think
Hayden won the lottery with this face!! ha ha
'Lyza Jane got some princess dress-up stuff ~really cool!

The Ariel necklace sings when you press the button...I WANT ONE!!

'Linny' from the WONDER PETS~

Hayden got a new Batman Hat and gloves set~

Hayden and 'Lyza Jane riding on grandmas back porch outside~

'Lyza Jane got her 1st bicycle...
a Dora big wheel for Christmas~

How wonderful our Christmas has been...truly we are blessed!
We still have more family to get together with & celebrate the
holiday but it has been soo wonderful even if it ended now!
Christmas is such a special time to have children
and it makes me soo happy to watch them live through these
magical moments of childhood!
I hope the holiday season is blessing you as well!!
Somer Jane