Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Parade 2008~

The Christmas Parade came to town again for the
2nd annual NIGHT Parade...
I love that they moved the Parade to the evening with
all the floats decorated in Christmas lights that look so pretty
driving down the street in the parade line-up!
The kids and I bundled up warm, picked up grandma
on the way to downtown and we all had a great holiday-filled time!
Enjoy the pics...

I love this pic of Hayden above with the town hall lights behind him

The kids are posing next to the Christmas tree in Public Square

They had FREE Christmas cookie decorating for the kids
which was really cool...
they also had free HOT COCOA inside City Hall!!!
Hayden with grandma My-Hope dancing to the Christmas music
playing in the crisp night air

Hayden and 'Lyza Jane waiting for the parade to start any minute

My lil' happy family at the Christmas Parade...
and the pics begin below these are some of my favorite floats I took~

SANTA CLAUS of course ended the parade being led by Rudolph!
Hayden got lucky and Santa threw him a toy from his sleigh...

The toy Santa threw Hayden...of course he is all smiles!

Merry Christmas!!
Somer Jane

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