Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Calgon Moments for MOMMYS~

Calgon sometimes can not even~ BEGIN to take me away!!
ha ha
I have this little demon...I mean fairy princess daughter...
and she likes to drive mommy crazy!!
She is in that so called~"Terrible 2's" stage
(which also lasts through their 3's & slows down in their 4's)
but nevertheless she is going through that~
The one where the child drives their parent to the funny farm,
drops them off and laughs to themselves all the way home, saying~
"I drove my mommy crazy...whooo hooo!"
Soo this is my life, welcome to my world!!
Please~ if you have any valium leave some by the door
on your way out so that I can add that with my Calgon
and hopefully combined that will take me SOMEPLACE dreamy!
ha ha ha
(Just kidding...I dont do drugs kids)
Just say NO!
Well, let me begin my story of todays fiasco!
I was trying to scrub a bathroom while I thought
my perfect lil' angels were playing with their toys like perfect lil' angels
should while mommy trys to knock out a chore...
I swear I was only scrubbing for 5 mins and I stop to check on them
and BAMMM!!
I walk into my kitchen to witness my daughter amongest the
explosion of cookie sprinkles...
it was like a bomb went off in my kitchen with the chocolate
sprinkles as the shrapnel~

A brand new chocolate sprinkles bottle had been
demolished and no sprinkle was left ALIVE!!
I was such at a loss of words
that my daughter knew to take off
running to her bedroom for time-out without me even saying soo!

I swear that child left no space of my kitchen floor spared
from the cookie sprinkles!!

I was cleaning counters and sweeping
cookie sprinkles for a good 5 mins when I decided I
better see if she was indeed doing her time-out like she was supposed too~
so I went to check on her in her room...


She had double whammied me!!
She had taken every article of her clothing out of her dresser
drawers and thrown them on her floor
in a defiant act of delinquency...

AAAAGHHH, what have I done to the GODS
to deserve this punishment!

Soo I made the lil' demon (I mean fairy princess)
pick up her own MESS...

Can you see the RED demon EYES that she is
glaring me down with?!
Sooo how was your day?!!

Somer Jane

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