Friday, December 26, 2008

Haydens Birthday Bath~

Soo we got out this morning into the after Christmas sales
going on...I know I was brave with two kids to fight the madness!
They actually surprised me and were really good at the store...
but then again I had to buy them something to keep them happy! ha
Soo Hayden knowing today was his birthday used that to
his advantage and asked if I would buy him this
Spiderman Bathtub set for his birthday...being the push-over Mom...
I caved in.... only for his BIRTHDAY of course!!
(Plus it was 1/2 off from Christmas so a $5 bath toy
was not gonna break us but only make a little boy extremely happy)

It was like a little bath chemistry set with bath fizzes
and came with the goggles on his head as well!! ha

He thought it was the coolest thing...
and I was glad to make him smile!

While big brother had his bathtime fun
'Lyza Jane had her fun playing with her Christmas toys

She is really loving the whole dressing up as a PRINCESS now...

Happy 5th Birthday Hayden!!

Hope your day is very special~

Love Mommy

Somer Jane

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