Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer Cookies~

I got this recipe out of the Family Fun magazine and thought
it was a cute Christmas cookie idea!
It was super-easy for the kids to do as well and not as messy since
we didnt need to make cookie dough or use sprinkles!! ha

The recipe called for white frosting to use to attach the
pretzels and M&Ms to the Nutter Butter cookies...
But I melted white chocolate to use instead,
in my opinion the taste was definitely more yummier!!

Hayden made some 'purty' cookies!

'Lyza Janes were a.... little...well...
they were the "Island of Misfit Cookie Rejects" ha ha ha
Just kidding baby, your cookies were 'purty' too!!

This was a fun and Yummy cookie idea if your looking for something
different than the normal baking cookie recipes!!
SUPER-simple and easy clean-up too!!

Somer Jane

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