Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer time in the POOL!

We love the new pool we got to keep us cool this summer!
The kids so far live it in everyday~ hee
We will probably not make it to the beach this year,
no matter how badly we want to go,
so this is better than nothing to the kiddos thats for sure!
Hayden has improved soo much with his swimming skills
already by having this 4 ft pool to practice in...
he loves to swim underwater this year~
Oh and his daddy taught him how to do hand-stands
underwater so he loves to do those too!! ;-)
A rare kodak moment of the parents to
the two Krazy kids pictured above~

Somer Jane

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweetberry Fro-Yo is here~

So theres a BRAND new Frozen Yogurt place out in St.B that
just opened up that I was needing to check out!
Me & the kids went to pick up our Nanny (Great Nanny) to the kids
and we took her out for some FRO-YO!

Its neat that you can serve yourself and get as much or as
little as you like in these gigantic bowls.
After you pick your flavor from about 6 choices you then get
to pick toppings of various things if you so choose.
(Everything from Candy to cereal to sprinkles...they got it)

The kids went with country vanilla fro-yo with
sour worms for their topping of choice!
Wow look at the sugar...jk!

We really enjoyed our FRO-YO break out with Nanny
today and hope to take her out again someplace special soon!
We love you soo much grandmother!
Thanks for spending some time with us and enjoying a treat~
Somer Jane

Friday, June 18, 2010

Cupcakes and Playgrounds~

Today was Miss 'Lyza Janes 1st day to experience the delicious goodness
of The Sweetest Batch Cupcakery that opened here in Clarksville.
She absolutely enjoyed every little bit of her pink cupcake too!!

She is such a little princess, I adore my lil'Lyza Jane~
Mommy got her a carrot cake cupcake called '24 Karot'

After the cupcakes we went to a park to burn off the sugar-high!
I couldn't resist taking some model shots of the kids
while there...they are my favorite things to capture on camera~
I love this boy & his crooked-teeth, future braces having smile!
You are every bit of beautiful to me Hayden~
This is my blonde-haired, blue eyed-
greatest gift of a son I could ask for...
Thank-You Hayden for making my life a spectacular adventure!

I love that she loves to wear dresses everyday!

This girl of mine captures my soul with her beauty and grace...
yet makes me giggle with her lavish attitude of divaness!

Nothing could be more wonderful than having my two children
to walk with in this journey called, LIFE!
I pray for nothing more than to watch you both grow up
to be successful and blessed in whatever you choose to be...
I only hope to be present in all your greatest accomplishments so
I can tell you always how very proud of you both I am!

With all my love for you both~
Your Mommy,
Somer Jane

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Soo my friend Heather twisted my arm finally to sign the kids
the kids up for the "Summer of Free Bowling" program at
I have to admit it is a really great deal for families if you can get to
the bowling alley at least once a week.
I hope to become a better bowler this summer too! hee
Well, today I took Hayden since Lyza was at school and we met
Heather and Meara for some bowling good times~
The kids had pizza and cheeseburgers for lunch while at the
bowling alley...Hello funny faces!
Meara trying to bowl her a STRIKE!
Looking good there girl~
Hayden was having a big time, but he is very hard on himself
if he is not knocking alot of the pins down.
He is very perfectionist~
I have to remind him its just for fun and not the championships here! ;-)
Heather and Meara having some laughs~
My sweet friends~
I love this lil' handsome guy...
He is so full of life & wants to experience the most he can out of it!!
I love that about him...he keeps me motivated to do more & see more~
Thanks kids free bowling for the wonderful summer program...
maybe you can get a fall/winter program going too! ;-)
Give us and excuse to get out of the house in the cold winter
when I like to hibernate like a bear!
Thanks to my friends Heather and Meara too for the fun day!
Love you guys~
Somer Jane

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Sweetest Batch Cupcakery~


That about sums this new cupcake store up in one word!

(Hayden and his friend Meara waiting to try their 1st cupcake
from 'The Sweetest Batch Cupcakery')
The Sweetest Batch Cupcakery shop just opened here in town
and can I just say~

We have needed a place like this here in town...
I only wish it was on my side of town! ha ha
But that will not stop me from trekking at least once a week over
to the St. B area to get a yummy sugary-fix!
(My son Hayden with his purple choice called, 'Baby Love')
The outside sign Logo...
very cute I must add!

My best friend and I shared a yummy vanilla and raspberry

cupcake sweetly called, 'Southern Belle'!

Mmm, says Heather below~

Her daughter Meara and my son Hayden enjoying the sugar rush!

These cupcakes are finger lickin-scrumptious I tell you!
Hayden is proof to that~

The cupcakes can be taken home to savor later and
come packaged in the cutest lil' pink boxes with their logo
stickers on the top~ Very chic way to take home a cupcake!
We went back another day and took my daughter 'Lyza this time
and below is what we took home for dessert after dinner~

The top left sprinkled with nuts was called, 'Carmella'.
(liked it w/out the nuts personally but was still yummy)
The pink sprinkles one was 'Lyzas choice of course, (pink is her favorite)
that yummy pink confection was called, 'Pretty in Pink'
(It was my favorite of all these four...of course I had a bite of each! ha
I'm the professional cupcake taste-tester in this house! ha ha)
The Oreo cookie topped one was called, 'Cookies & Cream'
(really delicious if you love Oreos...really sweet by the last bite though,
but who complains about a cupcake being too sweet...they must be crazy!)
The bright yellow cupcake was my sons choice this time,
and this neon bright goody was called, 'Pucker-Up Buttercup'!
(if you love lemon cake then this is your choice...Mmm)

Basically, my new goal in life right now is to try
EVERY SINGLE FLAVOR on the menu at this new found gold-mine.
Currently they have 30 flavors on the menu, but I have a feeling
they will be adding to that list very soon!
They have different flavors everyday so you might have to wait to
try one like myself until the day they offer it...
(I can't wait to try their 'Starry Night' cupcake it sounds dreamy~
a white cupcake infused with strawberry puree and
an elegant strawberry buttercream frosting...Mmmm)

I'll definitely let you know about our new cupcakes taste-tests
that the kids and I try in the future,
but until then I highly suggest you try them once yourself first!
Get there early too since they sell out usually before 4pm.
Just take home a cute pink box filled with sugar to devour later...

Thank-you The Sweetest Batch!
We will see you very soon~

Somer Jane

PS. Here is the link to their webpage that describes all the yummy flavors~

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Newest Fish Member of the Family~

Poor lil' Lyza Jane has been asking for a new fish for
sometime now...
Her past two fish we bought her last year died so we decided to
hold off for awhile to get her anymore and just keep Hayden's
fish named NEMO for the time being...
Well we have had Nemo now for over a year and he is needing some
company and this morning 'Lyza asked again about getting another fishy~
So I said, 'Lyza, today lets go let you pick a new fishy from the Pet Store'!
Of course she was excited!
So we got dressed and made a girls trip only to the wonderful~

Pet Palace has a lot of creatures to look at and buy
and of course thats half the fun of going to the pet store is looking!
Look at her face as she is checking out one of the guinea pigs!
(too funny)
She loved these EASTER bunnies!
I was surprised she wasnt scared of looking at the snakes...
she must take after her momma cause
her daddy wouldn't have gotten this close! hee hee

This was a cool chameleon...
Hayden said when we got home and showed him the pics that he
wants this lizard! hee Soo does mommy!
Sooo here is 'Lyza Janes new fish that she picked out to be her fish baby~
A pretty Black Fantail Goldfish~
And guess what she named it....
I tried to tell her that Hayden's fish was named Nemo
and maybe she should call it something else...
she wasnt having it and said~
NO, its name is NEMO!!
So now we have Nemo#1 & Nemo #2
Big Nemo & Lil Nemo
Orange Nemo & Black Nemo
Hayden's fish Nemo we have had over a year and Grandma bought him
for less than .50 cents! He is huge now and still going strong~
Just check out his first pics over a year ago~
He is the bright all orange little fish in this link... called
Hayden the Fish, but was renamed Nemo soon after by my son.
Now Nemo cant even fit inside the spongebob house!
Welcome to your new HOME~ Lil' Nemo
We hope that you enjoy your spongebob tank
& new friend Big Nemo!

Somer Jane

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Free Summer Movie Festival~

Who doesn't love going to the movies?!
I know I do and so do my kiddos.
Well we love this AWESOME and FREE summer movie film festival
that the Great Escape Movie Theaters put on every summer!
(thank-you Great Escape!)

We recently watched Alvin & the Chipmunks Squeakquel this past week and didnt pay a dime to enjoy the big movie screen and stadium seating!

Thats what a call a deal!!!

To check out where a Great Escape Theater is in your neck of the woods~

Enjoy your summer movies~

Somer Jane

Friday, June 4, 2010

Our FREE Custom House Museum Visit~

I had some FREE Museum passes given to us by a local pediatric
dentist here in town and I noticed that today they expired!
Oh No!
So we stopped by the museum in a non-planned fashion on
our way home from visiting our Nanny's house.
They posed outside the historic downtown museum infront of
these cool painted fish along the sidewalk~

The flowers were gorgeous outside the museum
so my even more gorgeous Baby-Girl posed near them~
They have a museum mascot named, Tiggy!
Hayden loved looking at the big lizard~
Tiggy was really interested in looking at us too!
Hayden donated money to the "TIGGY NEW DIGS"
fund raise funds for a new home for Tiggy.
Watching the of their favorite things to do here~
I'm not sure how new this 'FAIR' model is but it was pretty neat.
'Lyza liked pressing the button to make the ferris wheel move and light up~
The Grocery Store in the Kids explorer area~
'Lyza opened the Fridge door below and said...
Hmmm what is for dinner?!
(That is soo me! I chuckled)
Hayden buying his grocerys...
Do you have enough money sir to cover all that?! ;-)
'Lyza buying some milk~
While 'Lyza kept shopping and buying new things with new
shopping carts in the grocery store,
Hayden played with this wooden train table~

An Old Covered Wagon...
The Porsche of the Pioneer Days~
Jeff Purvis's racecar in the museum~
One of the exhibits was called "Gone Fishing"
It was neat they had old fishing lures and poles.
They had a wall with different fish and descriptions that Hayden and myself
learned only made me hungry for some catfish though! ha
They had an area where you could sit and listen to someone telling fishing tales~
Hayden rocked for a bit there~
We can't wait to go back when they finalize the BUBBLE CAVE!
It sounds like its going to be interesting for the kiddos~

We will have to check back online for their
Summer Programs which the info & dates are below~

Starting June 15th, there will be weekly, exhibit-related activities that your
family can enjoy together at your leisure.
These activities will be free for members.
Non-members pay only the price of admission.
Dates for the activities are as follows:
June 15th (10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.),
June 23rd (1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.),
July 1st (10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.),
July 6th (1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.),
July 14th (10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.),
July 22nd (1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.)
and July 30th (10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.)

So today's free museum visit was a success and I'm soo glad
I noticed that the passes were about to expire!
Hopefully we can get some more FREE passes again one day~
or else we will have to just go on FREE SUNDAYS!
Somer Jane