Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Sweetest Batch Cupcakery~


That about sums this new cupcake store up in one word!

(Hayden and his friend Meara waiting to try their 1st cupcake
from 'The Sweetest Batch Cupcakery')
The Sweetest Batch Cupcakery shop just opened here in town
and can I just say~

We have needed a place like this here in town...
I only wish it was on my side of town! ha ha
But that will not stop me from trekking at least once a week over
to the St. B area to get a yummy sugary-fix!
(My son Hayden with his purple choice called, 'Baby Love')
The outside sign Logo...
very cute I must add!

My best friend and I shared a yummy vanilla and raspberry

cupcake sweetly called, 'Southern Belle'!

Mmm, says Heather below~

Her daughter Meara and my son Hayden enjoying the sugar rush!

These cupcakes are finger lickin-scrumptious I tell you!
Hayden is proof to that~

The cupcakes can be taken home to savor later and
come packaged in the cutest lil' pink boxes with their logo
stickers on the top~ Very chic way to take home a cupcake!
We went back another day and took my daughter 'Lyza this time
and below is what we took home for dessert after dinner~

The top left sprinkled with nuts was called, 'Carmella'.
(liked it w/out the nuts personally but was still yummy)
The pink sprinkles one was 'Lyzas choice of course, (pink is her favorite)
that yummy pink confection was called, 'Pretty in Pink'
(It was my favorite of all these four...of course I had a bite of each! ha
I'm the professional cupcake taste-tester in this house! ha ha)
The Oreo cookie topped one was called, 'Cookies & Cream'
(really delicious if you love Oreos...really sweet by the last bite though,
but who complains about a cupcake being too sweet...they must be crazy!)
The bright yellow cupcake was my sons choice this time,
and this neon bright goody was called, 'Pucker-Up Buttercup'!
(if you love lemon cake then this is your choice...Mmm)

Basically, my new goal in life right now is to try
EVERY SINGLE FLAVOR on the menu at this new found gold-mine.
Currently they have 30 flavors on the menu, but I have a feeling
they will be adding to that list very soon!
They have different flavors everyday so you might have to wait to
try one like myself until the day they offer it...
(I can't wait to try their 'Starry Night' cupcake it sounds dreamy~
a white cupcake infused with strawberry puree and
an elegant strawberry buttercream frosting...Mmmm)

I'll definitely let you know about our new cupcakes taste-tests
that the kids and I try in the future,
but until then I highly suggest you try them once yourself first!
Get there early too since they sell out usually before 4pm.
Just take home a cute pink box filled with sugar to devour later...

Thank-you The Sweetest Batch!
We will see you very soon~

Somer Jane

PS. Here is the link to their webpage that describes all the yummy flavors~

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