Friday, June 18, 2010

Cupcakes and Playgrounds~

Today was Miss 'Lyza Janes 1st day to experience the delicious goodness
of The Sweetest Batch Cupcakery that opened here in Clarksville.
She absolutely enjoyed every little bit of her pink cupcake too!!

She is such a little princess, I adore my lil'Lyza Jane~
Mommy got her a carrot cake cupcake called '24 Karot'

After the cupcakes we went to a park to burn off the sugar-high!
I couldn't resist taking some model shots of the kids
while there...they are my favorite things to capture on camera~
I love this boy & his crooked-teeth, future braces having smile!
You are every bit of beautiful to me Hayden~
This is my blonde-haired, blue eyed-
greatest gift of a son I could ask for...
Thank-You Hayden for making my life a spectacular adventure!

I love that she loves to wear dresses everyday!

This girl of mine captures my soul with her beauty and grace...
yet makes me giggle with her lavish attitude of divaness!

Nothing could be more wonderful than having my two children
to walk with in this journey called, LIFE!
I pray for nothing more than to watch you both grow up
to be successful and blessed in whatever you choose to be...
I only hope to be present in all your greatest accomplishments so
I can tell you always how very proud of you both I am!

With all my love for you both~
Your Mommy,
Somer Jane

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