Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweetberry Fro-Yo is here~

So theres a BRAND new Frozen Yogurt place out in St.B that
just opened up that I was needing to check out!
Me & the kids went to pick up our Nanny (Great Nanny) to the kids
and we took her out for some FRO-YO!

Its neat that you can serve yourself and get as much or as
little as you like in these gigantic bowls.
After you pick your flavor from about 6 choices you then get
to pick toppings of various things if you so choose.
(Everything from Candy to cereal to sprinkles...they got it)

The kids went with country vanilla fro-yo with
sour worms for their topping of choice!
Wow look at the sugar...jk!

We really enjoyed our FRO-YO break out with Nanny
today and hope to take her out again someplace special soon!
We love you soo much grandmother!
Thanks for spending some time with us and enjoying a treat~
Somer Jane

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