Thursday, June 17, 2010


Soo my friend Heather twisted my arm finally to sign the kids
the kids up for the "Summer of Free Bowling" program at
I have to admit it is a really great deal for families if you can get to
the bowling alley at least once a week.
I hope to become a better bowler this summer too! hee
Well, today I took Hayden since Lyza was at school and we met
Heather and Meara for some bowling good times~
The kids had pizza and cheeseburgers for lunch while at the
bowling alley...Hello funny faces!
Meara trying to bowl her a STRIKE!
Looking good there girl~
Hayden was having a big time, but he is very hard on himself
if he is not knocking alot of the pins down.
He is very perfectionist~
I have to remind him its just for fun and not the championships here! ;-)
Heather and Meara having some laughs~
My sweet friends~
I love this lil' handsome guy...
He is so full of life & wants to experience the most he can out of it!!
I love that about him...he keeps me motivated to do more & see more~
Thanks kids free bowling for the wonderful summer program...
maybe you can get a fall/winter program going too! ;-)
Give us and excuse to get out of the house in the cold winter
when I like to hibernate like a bear!
Thanks to my friends Heather and Meara too for the fun day!
Love you guys~
Somer Jane

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