Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Newest Fish Member of the Family~

Poor lil' Lyza Jane has been asking for a new fish for
sometime now...
Her past two fish we bought her last year died so we decided to
hold off for awhile to get her anymore and just keep Hayden's
fish named NEMO for the time being...
Well we have had Nemo now for over a year and he is needing some
company and this morning 'Lyza asked again about getting another fishy~
So I said, 'Lyza, today lets go let you pick a new fishy from the Pet Store'!
Of course she was excited!
So we got dressed and made a girls trip only to the wonderful~

Pet Palace has a lot of creatures to look at and buy
and of course thats half the fun of going to the pet store is looking!
Look at her face as she is checking out one of the guinea pigs!
(too funny)
She loved these EASTER bunnies!
I was surprised she wasnt scared of looking at the snakes...
she must take after her momma cause
her daddy wouldn't have gotten this close! hee hee

This was a cool chameleon...
Hayden said when we got home and showed him the pics that he
wants this lizard! hee Soo does mommy!
Sooo here is 'Lyza Janes new fish that she picked out to be her fish baby~
A pretty Black Fantail Goldfish~
And guess what she named it....
I tried to tell her that Hayden's fish was named Nemo
and maybe she should call it something else...
she wasnt having it and said~
NO, its name is NEMO!!
So now we have Nemo#1 & Nemo #2
Big Nemo & Lil Nemo
Orange Nemo & Black Nemo
Hayden's fish Nemo we have had over a year and Grandma bought him
for less than .50 cents! He is huge now and still going strong~
Just check out his first pics over a year ago~
He is the bright all orange little fish in this link... called
Hayden the Fish, but was renamed Nemo soon after by my son.
Now Nemo cant even fit inside the spongebob house!
Welcome to your new HOME~ Lil' Nemo
We hope that you enjoy your spongebob tank
& new friend Big Nemo!

Somer Jane

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