Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008~

Happy Thanksgiving!
My beautiful sisters came down to share the holiday
with us this Thanksgiving and here are a few photos
from our visit with them this weekend~

Hayden and Aunt Randi capturing a Kodak moment

My Aunt LeeAnne and my cousins Jaime and Jessie

My Grandfather (my dads dad) 'PePa' and me

My sister Randi and our Uncle Michael (our dads brother)

My gorgeous and sweet sisters~ Kelli, Randi and myself

All the cousins together for the first time in awhile

My princess 'Lyza Jane rocking in
Great Aunt LeeAnnes chair

'Lyza Jane spending sometime with Dewey!

2nd cousins Jessica and 'Lyza Jane sharing some chips & dip

They had fun together Jessica is 3 and 'Lyza Jane is 2

We went walking down the Riverwalk to look at the lights

Aunt LeeAnne and my sisters...I took the pic!

My favorite Donegan women!

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving this year~
I was really thankful to have my sisters come down to visit from up North!
I dont get to see them as often as Id like but its truly a blessing when
I do get to spend some quality time with them!
We had a very gracious holiday~
Somer Jane

Monday, November 24, 2008

T is for TREE!!

Since its almost thanksgiving anyway
I figured we would get a jump on putting the tree up
since it went well with our letter T week!
The kids were super excited about getting the
Christmas decor out and as you can se from the pics below
we are gonna have a full MONTH of
Christmas spirit in our HOUSE!!!
Hayden and Daddy did a good job of putting the TREE up

'Lyza Jane enjoyed listening to the Christmas music
playing in the background and dancing like a sugar plum fairy
around the tree...this is her twirling!
After the tree was put up they both HUGGED the TREE!!
(how cute huh~ this is how excited they were)

Christmas is coming!!!
My kids are more excited than a pair of Santas elves!
I know that this month will fly by soo fast since I have alot of things
happening and Christmas is only one of them!
I wanted to get the tree up and some christmas decor inside up
so it would be one less thing I will have to OCD over.
I love that my children are really happy and I love feeding off
all that little energy and excitement for the holiday!
Hope everyone is having a blessed holiday season so far!!
Somer Jane

~Letter T ~

I tried to give Hayden a little TIME lesson using this book
we only went over the basic time telling lesson though~
1 O'Clock, 2 O'Clock etc...
He caught on though so it was a good preview for him.
I found this book at a used book sale last month at the library...
I thought it was perfectly made for Hayden since he loves THOMAS!
We made TIRE TRACK artwork using his cars and tractors
that had different TIRE TRACK prints...
I was running out of paper the kids especially Hayden
loved making the tracks so much!
This was a good BOY centered activity for sure~

Hayden and his letter T workbook page

I did find some really interesting letter T books
I didnt even list all the ones we read this week
but here are a few...

The kids played TRAIN with the laundry baskets!!
'Lyza is the cute caboose~
My best friend Heather gave us some Turkeys to
color for Thanksgiving last month and they
worked out well with our Letter T lesson~

We did some other things this week but I just
wasnt that good about taking all the pics of everything.
We did have some yummy T foods like:
Tuna fish sandwiches
Tomato soup
T shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Tapioca pudding
and of course Turkey coming up for Thanksgiving!
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!
Somer Jane

Saturday, November 22, 2008

3 generations~ My Mom, My Grandmother and ME~

My grandmother is the best 72 yrs young
woman out there!!

Can you believe my mom will be 50 in a few weeks!
I hope I look this good in 20 years~
Out on our day pass from the crazy farm!! ha ha
Not only do good looking genes run in our family but so does crazy ones!
We have alot of fun together...can ya tell~

Normally I just blog about my kiddos since this blog
is dedicated to my beautiful babies Hayden and 'Lyza Jane...
But I love my mom and my grandmother very much
so I felt it only just to share these priceless pics we took this weekend
with the whole WORLD to show everyone
how much my family means to me!
I love you two crazy ladies~
Somer Jane

Friday, November 21, 2008

~Redneck Sledding~

So we found some winter snow sleds at Wally-World
today and of course Hayden wanted to try them out
as soon as we got home with them...
EVEN though we had no snow in sight!

He decided all on his own that we could easily slid
down the stairs on the 'SNOWFLAKES'~
(his name for the sleds ... dont ask me how he
renamed them I kept correcting him they are SLEDS
not snowflakes!) ha ha

Anywho, Mommy (myself) was trying to be a cool mom
and had a brief laspe of judgement and said SURE lets
sled down the stairs!!

(I mean I personally was a champion childhood 'Stair-Sledder'
myself back in the day, just ask my mom about the cardboard) ha

Anywho I let Hayden have his little fun until Daddy came home
and then needing to get his inner child fix Daddy joined his
son in the REDNECK STAIR-SLEDDING competition.

Luckily no one was hurt and it was all fun and games!
I'm not supporting this behavior by any means
and I attach this warning to this blog post~




hee hee ;-)

Of course Daddy HAD to go head first!!!
(I swear they never grow up!)

Somer Jane

Sunday, November 16, 2008

~Learning about the Letter 'L'~

Lacing the Letter L

'Lyza Lacing the Letter L

We read about Marys Lil' LAMB
and colored the poem picture~

Heres Lyza Janes
Heres Haydens
We made lil' lamb artwork

'Lyza wanting to put glue on me!
Haydens Lil Lamb
'Lyzas Lil Lamb
hee hee
Hayden practicing his handwriting
Pretty good Letter L's
At Red Lobster watching the LOBSTERS in the tank

Learning about words that start with L
When we collected the Leaves from our Nature Hike
we used them to make these Leave Prints

Hayden having his Lucky Charms for breakfast
pointing to the Letter L!
'Lyza likes to pick out the marshmallows of course
Some of our L books we read
We learned about the Letter L
and all the wonderful things that begin with 'L' this week!
We even had yummy Lasagna that mommy made for
dinner one of Daddys favorites!
Hayden is really doing well learning about his letters so far.
I try to keep the lessons fast and fun so he doesnt get bored with
his short attention span. I dont want him to dread the projects.
So far though he likes everything we do and looks forward to
pointing out the letters we learn on billboards we drive by in the car,
on boxes or signs at the grocery store,
or in the books we read at home.
He thinks its a game ~ which I think is the key!
Since Thanksgiving is coming up OUR next letter will be
'T' for TURKEYS!
Somer Jane