Saturday, November 8, 2008

~Why My House is NOT as Clean as I'd Like~

Sooo before I had two kids my house was neat and tidy!
I like organization and everything having a place...
After Hayden was born things changed but I still was
able to keep things straight for the most part.
Now things are different!!
'Lyza Jane turned '2' this year, which means
shes at the age of getting into everything and being curious!
This now means Mommy can not keep up
with the house cleaning like she would like~
For instance...
I will clean one room and 'Lyza Jane will be in
another room (while I'm cleaning) destroying that
other room which I will have to clean up after the one I'm
already trying to clean~ DOUBLE THE WORK FOR ME!
I know, I know...welcome to motherhood right!
Well, its just not fair if ya ask me! ;-)
Soo today I'm putting some laundry in the washer
and moving some from the dryer etc.
Hayden comes downstairs from checking on what his sister
was up too in the playroom and he yells~
"MOM come quick 'Lyza messed up the computer!"
(which is also upstairs)
So, I drop what I'm doing and
go assess the damage~
'Lyza Jane had finger painted~ WHITE-OUT
all over my computer screen and keyboard!

But it gets better...

She just didnt white-out the screen wherever...
she had some sort of ANARCHY plan
to her finger painting ways~

She only painted our FACES on my screen saver
with the white-out!
Is she trying to tell us something?

I wonder if she is too young for therapy?
ha ha JK!

The evidence of the crime!
Her finger points GUILTY!!

She thinks she is soo funny sitting in timeout
with her white-out grin!!

This is what calgon moments are made of...
hee hee
Somer Jane

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