Sunday, November 2, 2008

~Kentucky Down Under in Cave City, KY~

The awesome bird cage that Hayden loved
but 'Lyza Jane did not! ha
Lyza Jane was freaked out by all the birds flying everywhere
and landing on was like a scene from the 'BIRDS' movie
and she would scream like they were attacking her! ha ha
Dont 'Lyza Janes or cute birdys were hurt!

The birds were everywhere though and were soo curious about
everything as well....they were chewing my shoelaces like they were GOLD!
They landed on my head chewing my sunglasses, landed on my camera while I was
trying to take pics and nibbling at the camera (which was hilarious!), they
were nibbling at our fingers and one was even trying to take the drawstring
from my hoodie which was also funny!

The birds were soo colorful and they were everywhere
which was cool!
Mining for GOLD and TREASURES!
Ohh found some Gems!
The super cool Mining waterfall
I really liked this waterfall
This was the Dingos cage....
now was the Electric Fence for our protection from the Dingos
or the DINGOS protection from us?!! hmmm
The bird area...several Australian birds were here and very pretty!

We spotted a peacock just wandering around and before Hayden
spooked it off the log it was resting on I snapped a pic~
Another bird cage you could feed the birds in~
this bird took Haydens white cup which was funny!
Say hello to my little friend~
this guy just landed on my shoulder and hung out,
so I had to take a pic of my new friend
I never thought I'd see my son hugging a KANGAROO
but look here he is~

'Lyza Jane liked the Kangaroos she wanted to pet them all

A cow near the woolshed area
we nicknamed Bessie~
Daddy actually hugged the Bessie Cow
(Kodak moment not captured! awl)

The second time we went back to the 1st bird cage
Hayden loved it and the lady called him Bird Boy!
All the TREASURES we found while mining for DIAMONDS!

Some amethyst, crystal and other Gems
This was Haydens favorite gem that he called his DIAMOND!
Hayden found this feather on the trail we think
it was from the peacock~

We drove to Kentucky today for the last day opening of the season
for Kentucky Down Under in Cave City, KY.
I had tickets from back in the summer I got at half price (steal)
that would have expired otherwise but...
Kentucky Down Under had enough to keep the kids entertained
and we didnt even do everything they had to offer at the park.
For instance, we didnt do the cave tour (that looked awesome)
but 'Lyza Jane probably would have freaked out anyway,
we didnt get to interact with the sheep exhibit
at the woolshed which looked neat about learning sheep farming stuff and
feeding the sheep and cows, and then we missed that snake & reptile
area where the kids could hold snakes...
dang I missed that KODAK moment for real watching Lyza Jane
freak out over a snake! hee hee
I didnt take pics of all the animals they had to offer either since my
camera was limited on memory space~ like the emus,
kookaburra birds (which were soo cool and sounded like they were laughing),
wallabies, black swans, camels and more.
But overall we still had a great time and the day was beautiful!
We passed Dinosaur World on an exit going up there so next time
we go to Kentucky for a journey I think DINO WORLD will be on the list!!
Somer Jane

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