Monday, November 24, 2008

T is for TREE!!

Since its almost thanksgiving anyway
I figured we would get a jump on putting the tree up
since it went well with our letter T week!
The kids were super excited about getting the
Christmas decor out and as you can se from the pics below
we are gonna have a full MONTH of
Christmas spirit in our HOUSE!!!
Hayden and Daddy did a good job of putting the TREE up

'Lyza Jane enjoyed listening to the Christmas music
playing in the background and dancing like a sugar plum fairy
around the tree...this is her twirling!
After the tree was put up they both HUGGED the TREE!!
(how cute huh~ this is how excited they were)

Christmas is coming!!!
My kids are more excited than a pair of Santas elves!
I know that this month will fly by soo fast since I have alot of things
happening and Christmas is only one of them!
I wanted to get the tree up and some christmas decor inside up
so it would be one less thing I will have to OCD over.
I love that my children are really happy and I love feeding off
all that little energy and excitement for the holiday!
Hope everyone is having a blessed holiday season so far!!
Somer Jane

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