Friday, October 30, 2009

Welcome back from Texas Breakfast with my kids~

I took the kids out to breakfast since I have been gone on vacation with
out them in Texas...
so we had a little bonding celebration that mommy is home again!
They just love going to Mickey Ds playground to play!
The breakfast was pretty tasty too!
I love you two buttheads~
Somer Jane

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Bingo!!


So I found this printable Halloween Game template
on website!
(thank-you crayola for the neat template!)
I printed all 5 sheets out they had posted and then colored them
all with markers to match each other.
I then cut one of the game boards up to be used for the bingo caller chips.
and then I bought some candy corn for cover pieces...
and BOO-Ya we had our Bingo Game going!
Hayden, Lyza and myself started off playing until
'Lyza got tired and just wanted to eat the candy corn pieces
instead of actually covering her board! ha
Soo, Hayden and myself killed a good 30 minutes just playing Bingo
over and over again while eating a few candy corns in between! hee
I couldnt believe how into this Halloween BINGO Hayden was...
he kept saying ONE MORE GAME! Just one more game!
I finally felt bad when I told him I had to finish up some chores
and get ready for work tomorrow and we had to end our
BINGO Marathon!!
Maybe we will play again this week I said~
I highly recommend printing out this BINGO game, especially if you
have 3-6 yr olds! The pictures make it super easy for the kids
to understand what to cover and Hayden was loving the Halloween theme!
Next time I need to buy a bigger bag of candy corn though~
Click the link below if you would like to make your very
own Halloween Bingo game~
Somer Jane

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Time~

Well after getting our pumpkins at the Boyds Pumpkin Farm
yesterday we needed to carve them out!
So here are our pics from the pumpkin carving fun we had!!!
Lyza was really into the pumpkin guts and scooping them
out with a big giant spoon... of course it was fun
to scoop with her hands too!

Hayden was way more into the CARVING part this year...
Im thinking it has something to do with MEN and TOOLS! hee hee
He was all about using the pumpkin carving tools on his pumpkin!
He did a pretty good job with the supervision of Daddy of course.

Lyza loved the homemade PUMPKIN SANDBOX that we made
with all the pumpkin guts.
She loved the squishyness of it...FUN!

She helped carve her Pumpkin but wasnt as excited
about the carving part and decided to go back to throwing
the mushy guts in the box around!

Hayden with his Pirate Skull pumpkin
Lyza with her Little Mermaid pumpkin~

If we had of bought more pumpkins I think we would have
been carving them out all night!
They wanted to make more designs with all kinds of pumpkins! ha ha
Everyone had a great time though, the kids just love Halloween time.

May you & yours have fun carving out your own pumpkins as well~
Halloween is almost here!!
Somer Jane

Monday, October 19, 2009

Its the Great Pumpkin!!

Thank-you Boyd's Pumpkin Patch once again for
another beautiful crop of pumpkins to pick from!!!

The kids and I headed up to Boyds this afternoon and
enjoyed the sunshine while trying to find the perfect pumpkin to carve~
I recommend going to Boyds off Exit 11 since they have many sizes & shapes to
choose from and they are always priced perfectly to fit a budget!
(we got our two pumpkins for around $6 bucks~
pretty good if ya ask me, since Hayden got a BIG one!)
The kids loved watching the tractor go out into the pumpkin patch
to get more pumpkins for sale~
back in my day we were allowed to go out into the field and
pick our very own pumpkin right off the vine-good times!

Look at all those bright beautiful orange pumpkins!!
Hayden how ever will you decide which one to take home?
'Lyza is the sun in your eyes? hee hee

'Lyza needed help picking out her pumpkin since she didnt care really
and only wanted to run through the pumpkins and play among them!
Whoa you got the 'GREAT PUMPKIN' Hayden!
(My I remember your first trip to this pumpkin patch when you were
not even a year old yet and now look at you! Look how big my baby boy is! sniff sniff)

Well, one last shot for the BLOG guys!
I cant wait to see how you guys grow from this pic in a few years~
It truly makes my heart sad when I know that these days are
passing by so fast and my precious bebe's are growing up overnight!
Hayden & Lyza remember that no matter what you will always be my babys~
and I will always be your mommy!

I love you both very much...
dont ever forget that you are everything to me~

Love your Mommy,

Somer Jane

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My fall break in Texas~

I was lucky enough to travel during fall break a few weeks ago
with my lovely grandmother and mother to San Antonio, TX!
We were there to visit our Texas family down south
and to get away on the 1 yr anniversary of my grandpas passing.
(We miss you Papa everyday!)
This trip was the first time I got to travel with my
grandmother and mother together and I enjoyed the bonding trip
we had as 3 generations out all together~
Below is myself, my Nanny and my mother at the Mexican Market
in downtown San Antonio~
My mother, my Great Uncle Cheve, Nanny and my Great Aunt Tencha~
This is my little cousin Jillian and myself on the Riverwalk~
The Mariachis seranaded us at the CasaRio restaurant~
At night on a part of the Riverwalk~
Oohhh the Places you'll go~
Infront of the hotel, which was very nice~
Having some family time at the hotel open seating bar area~
These are all my Texas cousins and their children
(Im behind the camera)
My cousins Joey and Julian, yes they are brothers.
I love my UNCLE CHEVE!!!
This is us at breakfast one morning.
This is a HUGE flea market in San Antonio~
At the flea market with my cousin Amby, we use to
play together when we were kids in Texas~
The 3 AMIGAS!!! ;-)

Well, San Antonio was a successful family visit with my
Texas Mexican family down south.... I miss you guys already!!
Thanks for showing us some wonderful Texas hospitality!
We enjoyed visiting and spending some time together~
We love you and hope to see you soon...
remember you have a home to visit here too!
Somer Jane

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Riverview Mounds Farm Fun~

We absolutely love the RIVERVIEW MOUNDS FARM!!

Stop chasing the chicken Hayden!
This was the Dalmation Goat! hee hee
'Lyza loved petting the animals~

This is 'Lyza at the top of the slide telling me she does not want to
go down the scary slide...
This is 'Lyza finally sliding down the slide and after this
I couldnt get her to LEAVE the slide!!

I love my precious bebes!!
'Lyza wanted to take a picture of me so here is her work!
My turn to take a pretty pic of her!
She is showing her pumpkin stamp that she got at the farm~
Riding the hayride!!
Enjoying the beautiful day and the hayride!

Corn Maze time!!

Found some corn!


Theres the chicken again! hee hee

~My World in my arms~
He loves to play with the tractors when we come to visit~
These pumpkins were huge!
My handsome boy!
I love this shot!!
She just walked over to the bicycle and I just captured it perfectly~
What a gorgeous day at the farm!
Thank-you lord for this blessed day I got to spend with
my two precious bebes!
3 whole hours of family farm fun with my two favorite lil' people~
i love you guys!
I look forward to many more memories baby boy & baby girl!

Somer Jane