Sunday, October 11, 2009

Riverview Mounds Farm Fun~

We absolutely love the RIVERVIEW MOUNDS FARM!!

Stop chasing the chicken Hayden!
This was the Dalmation Goat! hee hee
'Lyza loved petting the animals~

This is 'Lyza at the top of the slide telling me she does not want to
go down the scary slide...
This is 'Lyza finally sliding down the slide and after this
I couldnt get her to LEAVE the slide!!

I love my precious bebes!!
'Lyza wanted to take a picture of me so here is her work!
My turn to take a pretty pic of her!
She is showing her pumpkin stamp that she got at the farm~
Riding the hayride!!
Enjoying the beautiful day and the hayride!

Corn Maze time!!

Found some corn!


Theres the chicken again! hee hee

~My World in my arms~
He loves to play with the tractors when we come to visit~
These pumpkins were huge!
My handsome boy!
I love this shot!!
She just walked over to the bicycle and I just captured it perfectly~
What a gorgeous day at the farm!
Thank-you lord for this blessed day I got to spend with
my two precious bebes!
3 whole hours of family farm fun with my two favorite lil' people~
i love you guys!
I look forward to many more memories baby boy & baby girl!

Somer Jane

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Heather said...

You got some really good pictures!! I LOVE your new "do", you're so beautiful Somer Jane!! ;-) It looks like you guys had a fun time! Makes me wish I wasn't sick!