Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Time~

Well after getting our pumpkins at the Boyds Pumpkin Farm
yesterday we needed to carve them out!
So here are our pics from the pumpkin carving fun we had!!!
Lyza was really into the pumpkin guts and scooping them
out with a big giant spoon... of course it was fun
to scoop with her hands too!

Hayden was way more into the CARVING part this year...
Im thinking it has something to do with MEN and TOOLS! hee hee
He was all about using the pumpkin carving tools on his pumpkin!
He did a pretty good job with the supervision of Daddy of course.

Lyza loved the homemade PUMPKIN SANDBOX that we made
with all the pumpkin guts.
She loved the squishyness of it...FUN!

She helped carve her Pumpkin but wasnt as excited
about the carving part and decided to go back to throwing
the mushy guts in the box around!

Hayden with his Pirate Skull pumpkin
Lyza with her Little Mermaid pumpkin~

If we had of bought more pumpkins I think we would have
been carving them out all night!
They wanted to make more designs with all kinds of pumpkins! ha ha
Everyone had a great time though, the kids just love Halloween time.

May you & yours have fun carving out your own pumpkins as well~
Halloween is almost here!!
Somer Jane

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Trudie said...

I love this last photo! They are so proud of their creations! Great job on the pumpkins!