Sunday, October 18, 2009

My fall break in Texas~

I was lucky enough to travel during fall break a few weeks ago
with my lovely grandmother and mother to San Antonio, TX!
We were there to visit our Texas family down south
and to get away on the 1 yr anniversary of my grandpas passing.
(We miss you Papa everyday!)
This trip was the first time I got to travel with my
grandmother and mother together and I enjoyed the bonding trip
we had as 3 generations out all together~
Below is myself, my Nanny and my mother at the Mexican Market
in downtown San Antonio~
My mother, my Great Uncle Cheve, Nanny and my Great Aunt Tencha~
This is my little cousin Jillian and myself on the Riverwalk~
The Mariachis seranaded us at the CasaRio restaurant~
At night on a part of the Riverwalk~
Oohhh the Places you'll go~
Infront of the hotel, which was very nice~
Having some family time at the hotel open seating bar area~
These are all my Texas cousins and their children
(Im behind the camera)
My cousins Joey and Julian, yes they are brothers.
I love my UNCLE CHEVE!!!
This is us at breakfast one morning.
This is a HUGE flea market in San Antonio~
At the flea market with my cousin Amby, we use to
play together when we were kids in Texas~
The 3 AMIGAS!!! ;-)

Well, San Antonio was a successful family visit with my
Texas Mexican family down south.... I miss you guys already!!
Thanks for showing us some wonderful Texas hospitality!
We enjoyed visiting and spending some time together~
We love you and hope to see you soon...
remember you have a home to visit here too!
Somer Jane

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