Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Bingo!!


So I found this printable Halloween Game template
on website!
(thank-you crayola for the neat template!)
I printed all 5 sheets out they had posted and then colored them
all with markers to match each other.
I then cut one of the game boards up to be used for the bingo caller chips.
and then I bought some candy corn for cover pieces...
and BOO-Ya we had our Bingo Game going!
Hayden, Lyza and myself started off playing until
'Lyza got tired and just wanted to eat the candy corn pieces
instead of actually covering her board! ha
Soo, Hayden and myself killed a good 30 minutes just playing Bingo
over and over again while eating a few candy corns in between! hee
I couldnt believe how into this Halloween BINGO Hayden was...
he kept saying ONE MORE GAME! Just one more game!
I finally felt bad when I told him I had to finish up some chores
and get ready for work tomorrow and we had to end our
BINGO Marathon!!
Maybe we will play again this week I said~
I highly recommend printing out this BINGO game, especially if you
have 3-6 yr olds! The pictures make it super easy for the kids
to understand what to cover and Hayden was loving the Halloween theme!
Next time I need to buy a bigger bag of candy corn though~
Click the link below if you would like to make your very
own Halloween Bingo game~
Somer Jane

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Trudie said...

Thanks for introducing me to the crayola site!