Friday, January 8, 2010

Our 1st Snow Days of the year!

Woke up today from the phone ringing to tell us that school had been
closed due to inclement weather!
YEHHH I get to go back to sleep and not go to work!!
ha ha ha
Actually I love my job and really wouldnt have minded going
in to work, but staying home spending time with my kids
is soo much more fun if I had to choose!
Well, Hayden first thing wanted to jump outside and get into
the little bit of snow we did have...
Sooo brave I would not want to put freezing snow all over
my face.... but he was really loving it!
This shows me truly that kids do enjoy everything that
life has to offer and all its blessings!
Ya Got Snow on your Face! A big disgrace... hee hee

Snow Angels by my Angel~
Pretty in Pink posing in the snow!

Happy SNOW DAYS!!!

Somer Jane

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