Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas to all & Happy Holidays!

Here is our Christmas Card this year!
Walgreens has the best Santa in our city~
(He really looks awesome!)
One Saturday in December Walgreens offers free pics with Santa,
of course they want you to order more pics but they do not hassle you
if you only want the one free pic and nothing else which is great.
This year since I have less time now having a job and all,
I opted to order some christmas cards through Walgreens
since this picture turned out soo cute!!
I ordered 50 cards and they were ready in one hour~awesome!
Plus Walgreens had coupons for 3 bucks off sets of 20,
so I saved $6 bucks! Plus the original pic with Santa was free!
Yeah for Walgreens for being so cost effective!
(Now only if I could get a coupon or discount at the post office for
the cost of postage stamps! ha ha)
We wish you and yours a blessed Holiday season!!
Love Somer Jane & Family

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