Thursday, December 17, 2009

Disney on ICE~

We went to the Disney on Ice back on October 1st...
but I havent had a chance to add all the pictures I took
from that awesome evening!
Hayden loved the Disney on Ice last year, I decided to take him again~
Next year for sure it will be lil' Elyza Janes turn to go.
Hayden got a cool "Stitch" snow cone cup and cotton candy The show was called "Celebrations" and
it was a great show with several holiday themed like acts!
Here are the pics that I took...

I really liked this HALLOWEEN ACT so did Hayden!

Princess Jasmine~
Lyza would have loved all the PRINCESSES!
The little Mermaid Ariel!
Princess Tiana and the Frog Prince~

Hayden was really enjoying the show!

This Hawaiian Act was really cool and made me want
to go back to HAWAII!!


I cant wait for TOY STORY 3 next year!!

Merry Christmas Mickey and Minnie Mouse!!
Thanks for the great show~
Somer Jane

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Heather said...

Hayden looks so grown up!! Sniff, sniff...our babies aren't babies anymore!