Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aunt Kelli (my baby sis) came to visit...YAY!

I love when my little sisters get to visit us down south!
This week my baby sis Kelli got to visit for the week and
we tried to make the best of it!
We went to the Jammin' in the Alley one night and enjoyed listening
to a live band and the summer night fresh air with our Aunt LeeAnne.
We ate dinner at a downtown fav. called Blackhorse Pub.~ yummy!
We got to see the new Julia Roberts movie called, EAT, PRAY, LOVE...
I must say I liked the movie better than the book too.
We took Elyza Jane to the Custom House museum below...
(Thanks Aunt LeeAnne for the free passes~We enjoyed the time with you!)
Kel & myself at the museum~
'Lyza Jane posing with her Aunt Kelli~ pretty girls!
One night we had a weenie-roast at Aunt LeeAnnes house~
My cousin Jaime got to come too and we took a pic with just us COUSINS!
(Next time we will get Jessie and Randi in here too!)

Roasting Weenies with Aunt Kelli and catching LIZARDS!

I love you soo much baby sister thanks for coming to visit with us~

Somer Jane

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We went to Cheekwood to see CHIHULY today!
I have to admit I have never heard of CHIHULY till today but
Im soo glad that I now know what this CHIHULY is all about!
Beautiful hand-blown glass is what it is and its breathtaking~
My Aunt LeeAnne treated sister Kel and myself to the garden visit,
and afterward I treated everyone to lunch and an Art Museum visit to
the FRIST center in Nashville with more Chihuly!

Absolute wonderful day might I say~
I took this pic below of the dragonflies and lilypads at Cheekwood...
I thought it was magical~

I loved the beautiful Gardens at Cheekwood...

I have been before but it was late fall not summer.

Kelli and I posing infront of the chihuly filled pond

Aunt LeeAnne and Kelli in the Chihuly Bamboo Garden~
I bet this place is awesome at night time!

Chihuly on the wall inside the Frist Center

Decorating the garden pool next to the mansion


This Chihuly stuff is really spectacular...
The Mansion and Gardens are gorgeous by themselves
but with the Chihuly everywhere it was like Wonderland!

Capturing a shot of Kelli infront of the Cheekwood mansion
and the Chihuly SUN sculpture...just gorgeous!

Chihuly in a boat....Chihuly in the moat...ha ha jk
(It was in a pond, but I feel like Dr. Seuss a little)
Chihuly all thoroughout the Japanese Gardens
Sooo ZEN!
This soo reminds me of something on the planet Krypton~
(yes Superman's home planet! hee)
I love this bright blue CHIHULY!!!
I know I enjoyed the trip tremendously!
Can't wait till our next GIRLS only outing but next time Randi
will be there too!! (Miss ya Randi)

If your interested in seeing the Cheekwood Chihuly on exhibit
you have until October to check this artwork out~

Somer Jane

Friday, August 6, 2010

First Day of 1st grade for Hayden~

Soo its off to the RACES AGAIN!!!
Its a brand new school year and Hayden is starting the big 1st grade!
We are sooo excited and know Hayden has grown some
physically & mentally over the summer...
and we got a brand new haircut just a day ago to start
the new school year off right!
(Hayden wanted it cut, not me! sniff sniff)
Lyza saying her goodbyes and well wishes for
a great 1st day of 1st grade to Hayden above!

After we dropped Hayden off...
Mommy needed a Starbucks Iced White Chocolate Mocha
to deal with her sadness and heartache...
'Lyza needed some of mommys drink too~ tee hee

We all made it thru the first school day and we picked Hayden up
and got some Wendys for a picnic at the Park!
We asked Hayden how his first day was and if he liked his teacher
and this is what he said~

One of the things they did today at school~ very good Hayden!

I hope Hayden enjoys his new teacher this year he is a man named, Mr. Kolb.

(We are excited to have him teach our Hayden this year as parents)
Lets pray this year is even better than last year,
that Hayden is successful in his first grade academic year!
Go Hayden Class of 2022!

love you big boy~
Somer Jane

Back to School model photo shoot~ ;-)

August 2010

Love you gorgeous kiddos~
Somer Jane