Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas to all & Happy Holidays!

Here is our Christmas Card this year!
Walgreens has the best Santa in our city~
(He really looks awesome!)
One Saturday in December Walgreens offers free pics with Santa,
of course they want you to order more pics but they do not hassle you
if you only want the one free pic and nothing else which is great.
This year since I have less time now having a job and all,
I opted to order some christmas cards through Walgreens
since this picture turned out soo cute!!
I ordered 50 cards and they were ready in one hour~awesome!
Plus Walgreens had coupons for 3 bucks off sets of 20,
so I saved $6 bucks! Plus the original pic with Santa was free!
Yeah for Walgreens for being so cost effective!
(Now only if I could get a coupon or discount at the post office for
the cost of postage stamps! ha ha)
We wish you and yours a blessed Holiday season!!
Love Somer Jane & Family

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hayden turns 6 yrs old!

I have been a mother to a baby boy officially 6 years today!!
I still can remember every detail of my son Hayden coming into
this world and how my own father was alive on this earth
watching me go through labor at home waiting for his first grandchild
to arrive the day after Christmas!
I remember wanting to wait till Brad got home from work to tell him I was
in labor and was needing him to get showered and ready
for the hospital trip since I was in some real pain by 4pm.
I remember getting to the hospital and the nurses telling me I was probably not in labor and that since it was my first they didnt believe I was in actual pain...
that is until they hooked me up to their machines and saw how bad my contractions were and then after checking me and
I was already dialated to a 6~
I think they wanted to apologize for not hurrying along faster with me!
I remember how bad the pain was but I also remember the excitement of all the family members faces that were around me while I was lying there.
I also remember the fright on my hubbys face as I lied there in pain
and he was thinking about how he was to become a father for the first time.
I remember hearing you scream Hayden when you came out
and then I remember you being taken away to ICU since you were not
doing that well getting enough oxygen...
plus I wasnt doing to well losing so much blood either.
But I remember that they finally brought you back to me and I got to
look into your eyes and hold you on my chest for a brief minute...
and I just felt like everything...
all the pain...
the whole ordeal of getting you here~
was worth it
I would do it all over again if I had too!
(Hayden that is saying a lot too my baby boy since I'm leaving
most of the major gory details out of this)
Hayden just know that I love you more than anyone on this planet does
and that I will always love you that much no matter what!
Today on your 6th birthday I look back at this 6 yrs being your mother as
one of my lifes biggest blessings and triumphs.
I want to be here for you for 60 more of your birthdays at least!!
I love you and I hope you always remember that~
Hayden gift from Grandpa Mr. Man~
Hayden 1st Go-Cart racing engine
( He is going to start racing this Spring/Summer season)
From Mommy, Daddy and Baby
A Nintendo DS game system with 6 new games~
He likes this game!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Somer Jane

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rice Crispy Treats for Santa~

Soo instead of the massive amounts of cookies Santa will
be getting from all the boys and girls on Christmas Eve
we decided to make Santa some rice crispy treats!

Everyone helped mix and pour the ingredients into the pot~

Hayden had to lick the spoon after we spread all the mixture out
onto the wax paper to cool down~

Is is yummy Hayden?!

All done and ready to cut up for Santas plate~

(oh and Lyza is not happy because she wanted to hold the

rice crispy pan all by herself & not help Hayden hold it.

hee hee drama queen!)

Soo this next picture is on Christmas Day
after Santa had ate all the treats and drank the milk!

Lyza thought it was super cool.

Merry Christmas to ALL!!!

Somer Jane

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Haley's Christmas Morning 2009~

How excited the kids were for Christmas morning!
I think they were very happy with what Santa brought them under their tree~
Lots of Thomas the train stuff for Hayden!
Lots of Disney Princess stuff for Elyza Jane~
she is modeling her Cinderella glass slippers in this pic above!

I bought their matching PJS on the web~
Arent they just too cute!

I hope that you had a very blessed Christmas
made many great memories with your loved ones!

Somer Jane

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reindeer Bait for Santa and Rudolph~

In Haydens Kindergarten they made some Reindeer Food- 'Bait'
if ya ask me, to signal where to stop on Christmas Eve...
I have never seen this myself and thought it was a cute idea.
(Basically it was marshmallows, oats and some glitter but still cute!)
So Hayden enjoyed waiting till Christmas Eve evening
to take the bait outside and sprinkle it in our front lawn.
I hope this stuff works Hayden and the reindeer stop with Santa
and his sleigh filled with toys! hee hee

Somer Jane

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Princess and the Frog Movie~

I have been really excited to see this Princess and the Frog movie
since hearing about it last spring!
Hayden, myself and Grandma-'Ranny all had a chance to see this
newest Disney creation finally together.
I totally recommend you get out there and see it too!

I have to admit that I really thought of myself as
the Charlotte La Bouff character back in my early 20's! ha
Just because I was soo into being a beauty queen and loved
being a princess even though I had no royal blood whatsoever! hee hee
She was a cute southern belle if ya ask me~
Ray the lightning bug stole the movie though~
he was hilarious and I loved this little bug!

Overall welcome Princess Tiana!
The newest Princess to Disneys Hall of Fame of Royalty~

We all enjoyed this movie very much and it makes ya
want to visit New Orleans and have some Beignets!!
(At least I was craving some afterwards!)
By the way if you havent been to "NAW'LINS" and tasted
some of those powdered sugar delicacies... called beignets~
Theyre amazing!! YUM~

Go see this movie though, I cant wait to get the DVD!!

Somer Jane

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Disney on ICE~

We went to the Disney on Ice back on October 1st...
but I havent had a chance to add all the pictures I took
from that awesome evening!
Hayden loved the Disney on Ice last year, I decided to take him again~
Next year for sure it will be lil' Elyza Janes turn to go.
Hayden got a cool "Stitch" snow cone cup and cotton candy The show was called "Celebrations" and
it was a great show with several holiday themed like acts!
Here are the pics that I took...

I really liked this HALLOWEEN ACT so did Hayden!

Princess Jasmine~
Lyza would have loved all the PRINCESSES!
The little Mermaid Ariel!
Princess Tiana and the Frog Prince~

Hayden was really enjoying the show!

This Hawaiian Act was really cool and made me want
to go back to HAWAII!!


I cant wait for TOY STORY 3 next year!!

Merry Christmas Mickey and Minnie Mouse!!
Thanks for the great show~
Somer Jane