Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Charlie Brown in ICE at Opryland~

What a CHILLY evening with Charlie Brown and Snoopy tonight in Nashville!
I drove the kiddos and grandma My-Hope up to experience
the new Charlie Brown on ICE~ a big BIG thank-you
to grandma My-Hope for the treat of the tickets and dinner!
We had a great evening and hope you did too.
Hayden going down the ICE slide for the 4th time! hee
Surprised his butt wasnt frozen off...
Schroeder and his piano in ICE...
Brother and Sister love~
Hayden sliding down the slide again!

Grandma My-Hope said she had a Charlie Brown
Christmas Tree one year... awllll
But this made for a cute pic~

Snoopys christmas light decorated dog house~
This was my favorite I think~
you could walk through
Snoopys house...cool beans man!
This was the best room overall~
All the Peanuts GANG were in a circle around this tree
singing the song famous in the tv special and it was nostalgic!
Baby Jesus and the Nativity Scene, always beautiful!

Doesnt she just look 'Angelic'!!
My handsome son who is soo excited for Christmas!!
~My precious bebes and myself~
(I love you guys soo much!)

After the ICE excitement we drove around the Opryland hotel and
looked at the lights they had on the outside...
they had a gorgeous Nativity scene that you must see!!!
Really it was beautiful and I will have to go for pictures of it.
Then we drove over to a famous restaurant to eat dinner~
You must go at least once if only to watch them flip your
cornbread in a skillet at your table high in the air before they serve it to you!

Hayden enjoying his shrimp and fries!
I love the old timey china they serve your food with! hee hee
The kids got a kick out of how high she threw it and
then caught it back in the skillet...
Hayden was like~ "Cool"!
Posing by the ruby red Christmas Tree... its almost time!
My little Doll-face posing by the tree~

I hope you and yours have a very BLESSED
We are thankful for so many things but thankful
most for the love of FAMILY!
Somer Jane

Monday, November 16, 2009

Making Turkeys for Thanksgiving~

Hayden had an assignment to make/decorate his own turkey
to take back to school...
I decided to make a copy of the turkey template that the
teacher sent home and let Lyza make her own turkey as well.
We painted the construction paper cut out feathers with
glitter to make them pop!
Here is Lyzas colored turkey before we cut it out~
Hayden is glueing the feathers on his turkey,
he really did a great job decorating his own turkey!
Hayden even named his turkey!
He wrote the name out himself below....Mack the turkey!
(not to be confused with Mac-truck on CARS the movie! ha ha)
Hayden took his turkey artwork to school and the teacher hung them all up
in the classroom, I visited and got to see that they really had some
creative turkeys but I thought Haydens was the most COLORFUL!!
Im soo proud of you Hayden on making your awesome turkey for school!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Somer Jane

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My how she has grown!

Today I caught my baby girl looking at
her 1st framed baby picture of herself in her room.
Im not sure if she truly realizes that the baby in the pic is her
even though I tell her its her.
Nevertheless I thought she looked cute looking at herself and
I cant believe how big she has gotten since that first pic was taken.
She is my beautiful baby girl!
I love you my Princess!!!
All grown up, she thinks at 3 1/2 years old!!
(I see trouble in my future!) hee hee

Somer Jane

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ahhhh, one of those PLAYDOH in the EAR moments~

Man, my kids never quit amazing me with stories for the story
collection of crazy things they did that I get to tell them about one day!
Today was one of those days!!
I mean it was a Calgon kinda day! ;-)
My son was at school in his Kindergarten class having
just a normal day I suppose and I was at work.
Well I get a call at work from the school nurse around lunch time.
The school nurse says that its not life threating and that
Hayden is fine really... but that he was playing with some
play-doh today in his class and now has play-doh in his ear!
Im like ok, this is a first!
He loves play-doh and plays with it at the house all the time,
but he has never tried to put the play-doh in his ears!
I asked if she could get it out but she said she cant its too deep
and she doesnt have the right tools without hurting something...
great I say!
So, I leave work to head to his school and see the damage...

I take hayden home and tried to get the playdoh out of his ear
myself with some tweezers...I got a little but no luck!
Darn i say!
Now i have to actually take you to the doctor hayden!
Great, I hope your happy and will remember that we dont
put playdoh in our ears ever again!!

I take him to the doctor and they have to do a couple of different things to
try to get all the playdoh out of his ear.
(all the while looking at me like it was my fault he
had the playdoh in his ear! Look Nurse lady he was at school!)
They try scooping most of it out with a skinny long tooth pick scoop thingy
and then they had to irrigate it with some peroxide to loosen up the
rest and it slid out which wasnt pleasant for Hayden at all!
I actually felt bad for him but knew he was learning that
he would never stuff playdoh in his ear again!
(poor guy)
Finally he was clear and free of the GREEN playdoh
and I took him home.
Of course he missed the rest of school and mommy didnt get back to work
but we was at least able to hear again and
I dont think he will have any playdoh problems again!
(I only wonder about the Playdoh I bought him for Christmas now though
should I give it to him and be brave or wait till next year!! ha ha)
Ahhh, Calgon take me away!
Somer Jane

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!

This years theme for our costumes was "The Sea"~
Hayden was the Sharkman from the Pirates of the Carribean
and Lyza was dead set on being Little Mermaid Ariel.
(Last year they were both dogs-Dalamation & Poodle remember and the year before that
it was a Neverland Adventure with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell...
I wonder if I can get them to stay with themes for the future?!)
I can dream cant I!
This was one of the cool houses we went Trick or Treating at~
Happy Halloween Family pic...
I need some make-up man! hee hee
But Isnt my shirt cute...my best friend made it for me~shes so crafty!
Trick or Treating at grandma My-Hopes house~
The little mermaid is striking a pose~
This is little Mermaid about to have a heart attack at grandma Rannies house~
(Daddy is introducing her to Freddy and she is not happy!)
Posing with the Wicked Witch, I mean Ranny! hee
(You should have seen her cool black & white striped socks!)

When we got home from all the Candy collecting
we ate a cool Pumpkin shaped Pizza for dinner~
The kids thought it was the bomb of course!

We hope everyone had as much fun on there halloween night as we did!
I want to thank all the family members that let us stop by and
trick or treat at their houses...
SPOILING the kiddos with goodies and gifts galore!
They really had a great evening and it was all thanks to you special loved ones!
You know who you are~ HUGS go out to...
Aunt LeeAnne & Uncle Jim
Grandpa Mr. Man & Kim
We love you all and wish you a very~

Somer Jane