Monday, November 16, 2009

Making Turkeys for Thanksgiving~

Hayden had an assignment to make/decorate his own turkey
to take back to school...
I decided to make a copy of the turkey template that the
teacher sent home and let Lyza make her own turkey as well.
We painted the construction paper cut out feathers with
glitter to make them pop!
Here is Lyzas colored turkey before we cut it out~
Hayden is glueing the feathers on his turkey,
he really did a great job decorating his own turkey!
Hayden even named his turkey!
He wrote the name out himself below....Mack the turkey!
(not to be confused with Mac-truck on CARS the movie! ha ha)
Hayden took his turkey artwork to school and the teacher hung them all up
in the classroom, I visited and got to see that they really had some
creative turkeys but I thought Haydens was the most COLORFUL!!
Im soo proud of you Hayden on making your awesome turkey for school!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Somer Jane

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