Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ahhhh, one of those PLAYDOH in the EAR moments~

Man, my kids never quit amazing me with stories for the story
collection of crazy things they did that I get to tell them about one day!
Today was one of those days!!
I mean it was a Calgon kinda day! ;-)
My son was at school in his Kindergarten class having
just a normal day I suppose and I was at work.
Well I get a call at work from the school nurse around lunch time.
The school nurse says that its not life threating and that
Hayden is fine really... but that he was playing with some
play-doh today in his class and now has play-doh in his ear!
Im like ok, this is a first!
He loves play-doh and plays with it at the house all the time,
but he has never tried to put the play-doh in his ears!
I asked if she could get it out but she said she cant its too deep
and she doesnt have the right tools without hurting something...
great I say!
So, I leave work to head to his school and see the damage...

I take hayden home and tried to get the playdoh out of his ear
myself with some tweezers...I got a little but no luck!
Darn i say!
Now i have to actually take you to the doctor hayden!
Great, I hope your happy and will remember that we dont
put playdoh in our ears ever again!!

I take him to the doctor and they have to do a couple of different things to
try to get all the playdoh out of his ear.
(all the while looking at me like it was my fault he
had the playdoh in his ear! Look Nurse lady he was at school!)
They try scooping most of it out with a skinny long tooth pick scoop thingy
and then they had to irrigate it with some peroxide to loosen up the
rest and it slid out which wasnt pleasant for Hayden at all!
I actually felt bad for him but knew he was learning that
he would never stuff playdoh in his ear again!
(poor guy)
Finally he was clear and free of the GREEN playdoh
and I took him home.
Of course he missed the rest of school and mommy didnt get back to work
but we was at least able to hear again and
I dont think he will have any playdoh problems again!
(I only wonder about the Playdoh I bought him for Christmas now though
should I give it to him and be brave or wait till next year!! ha ha)
Ahhh, Calgon take me away!
Somer Jane

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