Tuesday, June 17, 2008




I told them I was gonna feed them to the ALLIGATORS!!

JK!!! (It looks like I told them that though!)

Look Hayden your cousins!!

'Lyza would not listen and stop messing with these goats,

so finally the goat behind this one head butted her gently to get the point across

and she backed up with wide eyes... thinking I'm sure, "OH S#!T"!!

It was funny, but don't worry no baby girls or goats were harmed

during this ZOO visit!

This sheep was getting over heated I think~poor guy
But he sneezed while Hayden and Dada were petting him and
that scared DADA that he jumped back and freaked out Hayden
since DADA jumped, It was hilarious that Mama wished
she would have had a picture or video of it! ha ha

Hayden was a little scared to pet the horse at first, but it could have been

since DADA freaked out about the sheep..JK!

Lyza had a temper tantrum while inside the Froggie and Snake exhibit

so her and I went outside to quiet her storm of anger.

I took her pic while we were having a snack waiting for Dada and Hayden!

Hello Mr. Zebra

Hello Mr. Giraffe

These birds were soo colorful!~ I want one!!

Hayden just stuck his hand out and he just hopped on!
I was surprised since I didnt even tell him too, he just did it!

I thought this was a cool hand washing station!

Sooo Fathers Day was this weekend and to honor
our Dearest Dada we decided to DRAG his butt to the ZOO!!
hee hee ;-)

Ok, so it wasnt exactly how he would have WANTED to spend his special day pushing his wild children around the Zoo in the hot summer weather and being SCARED by sheep in the process... hee

But, I'm sure Dada would rather have stayed at home and watched the
Nascar RACE ~ Dale Jr. did end up winning! Oops
But he was a good sport and the kids had a blast because of it!!
And a great Family day was marked by the CraZy Haley's too!
ps. I hope you are enjoying my NEW BLOG so far...
more to come soon!
(I hope to take the kids to the North Tennessee State Fair this week
and celebrate another first for them going to a FAIR!)

See ya Soon on our next ADVENTURE~

Somer Jane

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