Saturday, October 29, 2011

1st Season of Football comes to an end for Hayden~

Hayden just completed his 1st-ever season of tackle football

with the Mighty-Mite Colts team.

It was a learning experience, but Hayden hung in there & did

pretty good for never having played before.

He played the position 'Center' on Defense & Offense

(I'm very proud of you baby boy!)
Above pictured is his Colts team in blue~

Go #60!

During the game, the Mom (thats me below) giving Hayden some
tips and encouragement to use on the field~
(I love this pic that the photographer captured)

The boys listening to the coaches

My Favorite shot of the Football Season above!

Hayden you are one handsome football player and will always be
an MVP All-Star in my book.
I hope you enjoyed your first year as much as I enjoyed watching you!

Love you Babe~
Somer Jane

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