Friday, April 30, 2010

Hayden the MOUSE??!! ha ha

Sooo my son Hayden yells to me from the other room...
"Mommmm, look I'm a MOUSE!!!"
Im like a mouse huh,
I turn around as he walks in the room and this is
the MOUSE I see below!!!

Of course I find this hysterical that he came up with this
"Mouse Dress-up" costume all by himself and I just laugh hard!
Of course I also think to this a glimpse of what his college days will be like?!
Hmmm, don't know...but either way I have this pic to
embarrass the heck out of him one day down the road!
(Also I might need to start hiding my bras...I mean MOUSE EARS!!)
ha ha ha
I just love my funny guy sometimes~
Somer Jane

Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to Train a Dragon~

I took Hayden to see the movie above in 3D...
it was really cute.
I now want my very own pet dragon to fly around on! hee
This movie will be a keeper when it comes out on DVD.

The kids got How to train you Dragon happy meals from Mickey D's
they turned into VIKING helmets too!
Super cool idea Mickey D's if I do say so myself~

Hayden always the wise-guy thought his VIKING happy meal
helmet was better styled like this...
what a funny guy I have!
Overall the "How to Train a Dragon" was a good movie and my son
Hayden really enjoyed it as much as I did! hee ;-)
Gotta check it out one matinee afternoon~
'Toothless' the main black dragon character was soo cute!
Somer Jane

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rivers & Spires Festival 2010~

This is one of my favorite festivals to go have some FREE fun!
The Rivers & Spires Festival ROCKS!
Every April I have my calendar marked way ahead and plan what
night I'm going to take my kids and enjoy the sights, sounds and
wonderful FOOD the festival has to offer.
I'm soo thankful to the city of Clarksville for putting on such a
spectacular FREE event for the public...thank-you!
Here are some of the pics we took while enjoying the night of festivities:
Hayden won a free Ice cream coupon from spinning
the ChickFilA wheel of fortune...
here he is posing with the COW mascot~
Trying to loop some steer horns~

My best friend Heather & her daughter Meara met us up later at the

festival to have some we are~ all smiles to see each other!

Hayden sliding down the titanic slide...
its really high once you get up there!

Hayden milking the pretend cow~
We got our face painted with a red snake this year~
He thought it was cool it went all around his face.
Hayden with his friend Meara modeling their face paintings~
Planting a pumpkin seed at one of the fun stations~
(we took it home and transported it to our garden so
hopefully we have have a pumpkin come October!)
Playing a reading musical cake walk type game at this station~
(Its really great how the community all comes out to participate)
They won a free book of choice from the reading association
which was really nice and something we will use!!
Decorating a crown hat at another fun station~
Modeling the completed crowns and playing another duck pond game
trying to win more prizes!!
( I love my sons crown...he is such a boy and just slapped some things
on the crown like with no theme or thought, but he was happy...
Meara his friend...really took a long time with much thought and
theme to hers and it was very pretty too!
This definitely shows the differences in the sexes at a young age...
I thought it was cute both their crowns matched their personality! )
After the funnel cakes and jumpy inflatables,
the crafts and the free candy,
After the free loot was completely
gathered and everything was mostly played on...
we all went for a late dinner over to Wendys.
It was a very fun and ALMOST totally free evening!
Thank-you to my best friend Heather for making a date with us,
(and sharing her funnel cake...well at least a bite...hee hee JK)
Thank-you also to the city for putting on another great year of FREE FUN!!
It was a BLAST!!!

Hayden was passed out after 5 mins of the car ride home!
I took this pic when we got in our driveway...
I thought it showed how hard he played that night,
but he had a ton of fun! ;-)
Thanks again Rivers & Spires Festival for another wonderful year!
Somer Jane

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Ok it only took me like 5 hours to get the darn code exactly right
to make the blog button appear semi-normal, (hee hee jk)
All the while my kids begging to go outside to play while momma saying 5 more minutes till mommy has this right and we can go outside~ it is!!!
Daisys and Diggers
Yeah Im soo proud, so please feel free to add this button to your blogs!
And come back to visit us often to see what adventures we're getting into~
Somer Jane

ps. Thanks to my friend Heather who inspired me to get one! ;-)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010~

We first celebrated our Easter morning with opening of
the Easter baskets to
discover what the Easter Bunny left them...
They were soo excited to get some goodies!
After the baskets they could hardly wait to get through breakfast
so they could hunt for eggs in the backyard...
we had to tell them the sun needed to come out first! ;-)
The kids dont get alot of candy anymore, so they were trying to stuff
as much as possible in their mouths at once!! (crazy animals) ;-)

We had a dinner at Nanny's house and the few pics
below are from over there~
Elyza is looking for some eggs at Nanny's Easter Egg Hunt below

She found some!
Hayden was hopping all over the place...
but he won the Golden Prize Egg in the end!
I was proud of him for finding the Golden Egg.
He won a huge chocolate bunny!
(Not that he got to eat it all...I'm not crazy man!)
Here is a pic below of all the second cousins that were at the Easter Hunt~
Oldest to youngest:
Chance, Brennan, Kaiden, Hayden, McKenzie, Gabriel & lil' Lyza
Brother & Sisterly Love....awlllll

This is from our Easter lunch at My-Hopes house~
She always has a nice spread and little Egg Hunt for the kids.
The kids love going over My-Hopes house.
Lyza egg hunting
Looking through her Easter Basket goodies from My-Hope~
Hayden found an egg~
Wow a whole $1 bill for the GOLDEN EGG he found...
he was excited, he loves money!
~My Princess and me Easter 2010~
~My Prince and Me Easter 2010~

We had a very blessed Easter day!
The kids were actually 'Angels' most of the day too,
which was like an Easter gift in itself! ;-)
My kids are growing up too fast, soon they will be too old
for all this Easter Egg hunting business...sniff sniff!
I take each moment as it is though, I only wished it lasted longer!
I hope that you and your family had a very special Easter Sunday!
Until next year~
Happy Easter!
Somer Jane

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Favorite Easter Pic of 2010~

Have I told you my favorite holiday is Easter?!
I love all the Springy-ness!
I love dyeing eggs, I love the buttercups,
the bright pastel colors all around,
the deviled eggs and country ham for Easter dinner,
I love the sunshine,
I love the cute furry rabbits and baby chicks,
I love some easter candy (but I really shouldnt)
I just love everything about this holiday
and yes I love the christian aspect too~ dont think I'm a pagan!
But I love this time of year when everything is new and happy again~
I hope that you and yours have a wonderful SPRING Season ahead
Happy Easter!!
Somer Jane

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dyeing Easter Eggs~

I just cant decide if my kids love dyeing the Easter Eggs
or eating them afterwards more!
Here below they are getting ready to create their masterpieces~
'Lyza really likes to get hands on with her dyeing method~
Hayden likes to use a spoon to turn and dip his eggs~
Not a good pic, (the flash was on) but some of the Easter Eggs~

If only we had a GAZILLION eggs to dye...
the kids wanted more and more!
But I will try to remember next year to buy 6 dozen for them to dye! ha
Happy Easter Everyone~
Somer Jane

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My 1st Blog Award~


Sooo, I received a Blog Award from someone who actually likes to read this blog 'Daisys and Diggers'!! I now feel very loved!! ;-) (Thank-you Heather)

I suppose the rules state now I have to list 10 things that make me happy and then pass this award on to a few blogs that I enjoy reading~

So here are my 10 things that make me truly happy:

1. First, the most important thing that makes me happy and the whole reason I even created this BLOG in the first place.... is my BEBES!! My children make me HAPPY & I love to share it with the world so everyone knows how happy I am with these two love-bugs in my life!!

2. Sunshine....I love the warm feeling of sunshine! It makes me happy!!

3. Traveling Anywhere! I have "Travel-itis", it is the sickness of needing to visit & explore places I have never been before. My dream is to go on adventures to places yearly! (If not more, since it makes me soo happy!!!)

4. This color~ "Carribean Blue" makes me very happy! (Its my absolute favorite color in the whole wide world and it reminds me of the ocean waters...which brings me to #5 ~)

5. I love the BEACH and it makes me super happy when I'm at one! Sniff, sniff... I wish I had my toes in the sand at this very moment listening to the waves crash along the sand.

6. I have not yet mentioned my evil addiction that makes me happy.... SWEETS! I love candy, cakes, chocolate, pies, pastries, sorbets, puddings, strudels, name it and its sweet and yummy~ then it MAKES ME VERY HAPPY!! ;-)

7. My whole extended family makes me happy! I love my sisters, my brother, my mother, (my father- rest-in-peace), my grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and even the In-Laws! I love my family and they make me happy being my family!

8. Watching MOVIES! I'm the biggest movie buff and I love watching a great blockbuster on DVD or occassionally at the movie theater on the big screen!

9. Earrings....BIG, SPARKLY, UNIQUE, COLORFUL, 'PURTY & of course a bit GAUDY!! Earrings make me happy!

10. Just livin'!

I'm very grateful to just be alive and I treasure everyday I get...livin' makes me happy!

Now, I will pass this award on to a few blogs I enjoy reading when I get the chance:

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