Saturday, June 20, 2009

The 'Fair' Came To Town~

So our fair came to town again... YEAH!
(It was the kids first time this year)
We went during the day so that I could keep my eye on them
and of course we had the rides to ourselves!
Everyone goes in the evening to ride the rides~
all the rides are lit up and its soo much cooler.
But the kids had a blast making me broke~
finally I told them I had no more money and we left!
ha ha

Haydens first ride the CRAZY AIRPLANE!

'Lyza played her first carnival game~
She won a pretty baton!!
Twirling her PRIZE!!
Hayden was very brave sliding down this tall slide by himself~
I think he didnt realize how high it was till he got to the top!
But he was brave and slide down anyways while
'Lyza and myself watched the daredevil~
Haydens first roller coaster ride on the DRAGON~
Looks like he is having a blast!
Hayden liked this ride~
'Lyza wanted to ride this until they started it up~
they whipped the cars around the corners fast and
it freaked her out! She started yelling to get off,
so they had to stop the ride to let
the princess off while everyone waited... hee hee
Right after being WHIPPED around~
Hayden seemed to like it when it went backwards!
The oldie but goodie CAROUSEL!
They are soo pretty to watch~
Riding the CAROUSEL together~
My handsome man~
My beautiful princess~

Too bad the fair only comes once a year!
We might have to check into going to the BIG state fair
when it comes in SEPTEMBER!!
Whoo Hooo FUN~
Somer Jane

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summertime at the Lake~

What a hot and & humid day!
Perfect for a day at the LAKE~
Hayden & 'Lyza went with their cousins to the Lake
and had a blast playing in the water and beach sand~
'Lyza Jane was mesmorized by the kids jumping off
the depth marker pole.
Hayden was having fun practicing how to swim,
he is almost there too!
'Lyza had fun mostly wading in the shallow end near the beach~

We had such a wonderful time at the Lake today!
It was an amazing day and great first trip to the lake this summer!
We hope we get to make it out a few more times before the end of the
season, since Tennessee can get pretty hot & humid in the summertime!
Its refreshing to cool down at the Lake when ya get a chance~
Till next time...
Somer Jane

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lunch at McDonalds Fun~

Today was extra special since the kids hardly get to
play on the McDonalds playgrounds.
I figured I would be nice and take them to lunch at Mickey D's!
Usually, I try to stay away from the madness of the
Mickey D's playground and just go to a park instead~
so today was a rare fun day for the kiddos!

'Lyza Jane actually climbed to the top today!
This is her below trying to climb thru the tunnels above~

Mmm, chicken nuggets!

We hope your filling your days of summer up with lots of
magical surprises and memories!
We wish Summertime was alot longer here!!!
Somer Jane

Some Summertime Modeling Shots~

The kids needed some new shots
made of them...
I need to get one of these in a frame!
I can't believe how fast my precious children
are growing...

I know Im playing favorites here...
but my kids are soo darn cute!!
I love you
you good lookin' things you!
Somer Jane

Learning the letter K~

We learned about the letter K!!
Well the Free Summer movies were playing
"Kung-Fu Panda"
this week so we had to get our 'K' movie in!
We read about some K books~
Trying to talk about Kindergarten to Hayden as well
since he starts
in less than 2 months...sniff sniff!
We practiced using scissors today
cutting out the letter K!
Haydens 'Kung-Fu' K!
(He was making the K do karate chops and kicks!
See the war wound the K has from fighting~ ha)
Letter K learning page,
he was writing his letter K really well actually
We even shopped for fathers day gifts at Kohls!
He spotted the letter K quickly~

Somer Jane

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Swimming at Uncle Eriks~

After Haydens dance class today
we stopped over at Uncle Eriks house for a dip in the pool
Hayden has been begging to go swimming, so this was AWESOME!

Uncle Erik and Hayden

Thanks for letting us swim today at your house
Uncle Erik!!
Next time we will bring baby sister for some pool fun~

Somer Jane