Friday, June 12, 2009


We love Farmers Markets and seeing things people
create or bake themselves...
So it was exciting to hear about the grand opening of
the Downtown Market on Saturdays!
We decided to go this morning and check out the
merchandise and window shop....
Hey, we got some FREE STUFF!
At the recycling advertising table they were passing out
free T-Shirts, pens and GLOBE 'World' BALLS!
(the ball is not a chew toy Hayden!) ha ha
'Lyza was happy just people watching
The market had various things to look at...
Homemade soaps, crafts and baked goods,
home grown produce,
homemade fried pies,
(which were sold out when we passed by,
sot he pies must have been tasty!)
Wonder how big this thing will grow into over the future weeks!
I hope they continue this tradition I see it as a great and fun
asset for the town to have on Saturdays!

Somer Jane

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