Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My ABSOLUTE Favorite Color
in this WORLD~
This color makes me HAPPY just by looking at it.

Its the color of the prettiest blue skies...

The color of a Mermaids Tale...

It can even be the color of CANDY... another one of my favs to eat! lol

Its the color of the most tropical ocean waters...

or the color of the lovely feathers of the peacock...

What girl doesnt love their cosmetics in their favorite color...

I even love Katy Perry's Cerulean Blue Hair!!

If I ever needed a ballgown...
 I would definitely pick a
Cerulean Blue Grecian Style gown for the occasion~

I love home decor in the color too...

Im not gonna lie...driving a sportcar
 in this color wouldnt hurt either!

Mmmm CUPCAKES...enough said!

I can go on & on about all the beautiful things on earth that adorn my favorite color but I could be blogging for days!  ;-)
It truly is the color of happiness for me!

Somer Jane 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween with a HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE!!!

Hayden the Army Soldier and

Elyza as Princess Rapunzel this year!

Happy Halloween!

First we went trick or treating at the APSU Ghost activity

then we went to our Hilldale church's Fall Festival

and enjoyed our very first Hot Air Balloon Ride!

How cool is that?!!

Hayden is SUPER excited to ride


Up, UP and AWAY!!!

Halloween this year was perfect!

The children trick or treated for gobs of candy

and they had fun dressing up as their characters and we had the chance to

ride the Hot Air Balloon (Thank-You Hilldale Baptist Church!)

Happy Halloween to You & Your

Ghouls and Goblins!

Somer Jane

Saturday, October 29, 2011

1st Season of Football comes to an end for Hayden~

Hayden just completed his 1st-ever season of tackle football

with the Mighty-Mite Colts team.

It was a learning experience, but Hayden hung in there & did

pretty good for never having played before.

He played the position 'Center' on Defense & Offense

(I'm very proud of you baby boy!)
Above pictured is his Colts team in blue~

Go #60!

During the game, the Mom (thats me below) giving Hayden some
tips and encouragement to use on the field~
(I love this pic that the photographer captured)

The boys listening to the coaches

My Favorite shot of the Football Season above!

Hayden you are one handsome football player and will always be
an MVP All-Star in my book.
I hope you enjoyed your first year as much as I enjoyed watching you!

Love you Babe~
Somer Jane

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My 300th post~ Gettin' Back in the swing of Blogging...

Back in March I took the kids to Gatlinburg, TN for our first official

Spring-Break Vacation together. We even got Grandma 'Ranny &

Great-Grandma Nanny to come along for the fun.

Truly memorable moments and lots of smiles!

Elyza with Herbie
At the with fish!

Pretty Ladies!

The kids loved the penguins...soo cute!

Waterpark ROCKED in Sevierville!

Entranced in the mystical Jellyfish


More waterpark FUN!

Two of my favorite people in the world!

Riding the Skylift up the mountain!

My son riding on the other side of me up the mountain on the Skylift

~My Beautiful Family~

I love you & always will

What a Year so far in 2011~

I have not blogged since January~ I feel horrible letting this beautiful blog dedicated to my children just sit by the way side for soo long!

I have had some chapters close in this book called life and some happily open, so needless to say this year 2011 has been a transition.

I'm hoping to get back on track though with this Daisys and Diggers Blog since it does mean so much to me to leave this as a legacy to my children.

So here we go...beginning fresh...

beginning Anew...

just like the Phoenix~

Somer Jane

Sunday, January 9, 2011

1st Gingerbread House~ by Elyza Jane

They had Gingerbread houses on sale 75% off and
at a steal of $2 bucks I couldn't pass up getting one
to make with the kids!
I have never made a gingerbread house in my adult life
so I learned quickly this project was a sticky-messy one!
Elyza loved making the house though, decorating it with
all the colorful candy gumdrops and tiny jawbreakers.
She could have made a couple houses this day I believe,
she was really into eating the gumdrops while she decorated too!
(of course)

Her final masterpiece.
The Gingy-House by Miss Elyza Jane
Soo proud of her...
Somer Jane

Friday, December 31, 2010

Barbie Makeovers by Miss Elyza Jane

Lyza got a Barbie Make-up Kit for Christmas from her
Uncle Tony and was soo excited to try it out~

It was really a neat little barbie make-up kit.
So she asked me if we could play make-up/dress-up
and of course I had to say yes...
But 1st she had to make-over herself of course! ;-)

So here she is making herself gorgeous and I have to say for
only being 4 yrs old she is pretty good at this! hee

She is a natural beauty already but she really has this beauty
make-up routine down. I think I'm going to have to get some
pointers from her! ;-)

She made me laugh at her technique's of applying make-up.

I just can't believe she is really into this stuff.
I love NOT wearing a drop of make-up myself! ;-)

All done & made up posing with her barbie make-up case~
Beautiful DARLING!

Now, its my make-over time...
I just sat there and the professional make-up artist went to work!
Of course I sat there a while since she had to do my eyes
and lips with many different colors and layers. ;-)

After she was all done though I was ready for my close-up
and felt glamourous! She was soo proud of her work too.
She can't wait to play beauty make-over again soon.
and I can't wait to see her smile like this again
just by being her mannequin.
Love you baby-girl!
Somer Jane